10 Best Leather Satchel Handbags
10 Best Leather Satchel Handbags
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Lifewit Men Briefcase
Easy to carry
Premium leather
Various pockets
KPL Briefcase
Lockable inner section
Concealed locks
Perfectly sized
Finest rugged
Genuine leather
KPL Rustic Vintage Bag
Adjustable strap
Multiple pockets
Light weight
Wowbox Satchel Bag
Adjustable strap
Multiple pockets
Genius Leather
Komal Satchel Bag
Big Front pocket
2 big front pockets
Perfect to use
Retro Buffalo
Genius Leather
2 big front pockets
High Quality Canvas
Estalon Bag
Color: Brown Crazy Horse
Adjustable strap
High Quality Canvas
Handmadecraft ABB
Adjustable strap
3 compartments
Perfect to use
Satchel Bag
Big front pocket
3 compartments
Perfect to use

Choose the Best Leather Satchel Handbag

Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Leather Satchel Handbags

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51.43% of users selected Lifewit Men Briefcase, 5.71% selected KPL Briefcase, 5.71% selected BRA1NST0RM, 24.29% selected KPL Rustic Vintage Bag and 12.86% selected Wowbox Satchel Bag. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

For some people, going to work means spending time in the office, heading to meetings, traveling between venues, and taking work home. If you are one of these individuals, then you might appreciate a bag that can tote all the important items. Trying to carry notepads, pens, business cards, sunglasses, keys, lunch, snacks, and your laptop is too much for your pockets. If you have presentation materials, then having a neat place to put files is crucial too.

Choosing the right satchel is important. Some have more pockets than others, while impact protection might be the most decisive thing to you. This list encompasses a variety of options for both men and women. The following chart will give you a quick glance at the primary features of the five items we put in this guide.

This section of the guide will go into more in-depth information about each satchel. We give you the best and worst qualities of each product. You may find this information is helpful when choosing a work bag for your needs.

Lifewit Leather Vintage Bag – Best Padded Briefcase

Lifewit Men BriefcaseIf you have expensive or sensitive technological equipment, then you may appreciate the extra cushioning in this bag. The Lifewit satchel uses a combination of leather hides from different animals for a striking design.

Along with these materials, a durable canvas provides a two-tone design that is appealing and resistant to tears and scratches.

Two layers of robust canvas fabric envelope a thick layer of insulating foam. The magnetic closing buckles may be convenient when you are in a hurry to get to your next client. The broad carrying strap might be more comfortable when you are carrying this case a lot.

Pros Cons
Large interior pocket with two smaller ones Product may lose buttons
Two open front pockets and one with a zipper Seams along the strap can come undone and ravel
Can carry by the handle, shoulder, or the entire body
Fits laptops up to 15.6 inches

KPL Vintage Satchel – Best Handmade Product

KPL BriefcaseWhen you give a gift, you may find a meaningful item is one of the best presents you can offer a person. This satchel uses a full-grain leather construction. You may like the size of this bag when you have large items like stethoscopes or files to carry.

Hidden locks on the outside of the bag make sure your important papers are secure. Inside, another locking compartment allows you to store your laptop and expensive equipment safely. The timeless style is one you may find lasts for years and goes with any coat, suit jacket, or shirt.

Pros Cons
Small exterior pocket for quick access to calculators, glasses, or cell phones May need to air the bag for some time before using
Two zipper pockets Buckles tend to break easily
Excellent for carrying a change of clothes or work gear
YKK zippers
Durable stitching and thread

Brainstorm Messenger Bag – Best Heavy Duty Satchel

BRA1NST0RMDo you find yourself staying at the office more and more? Perhaps you have a job that requires you to work extra-long shifts. The Brainstorm Satchel provides plenty of space for everything you need from your toothbrush to a spare cellphone charger.

With eight pockets, you are sure to find a spot for everything you have to carry. Durable zippers and brass hardware ensure your bag will open and close without snagging and catching. The slim design and high-quality leather let lawyers, doctors, and busy executives look stylish and bring everything they need to work.

Pros Cons
Insulated laptop compartment Zippers may break after heavy use
Multiple pockets for easy organization Seams can come undone
Variety of compartment sizes
High-quality stitching
Premium leather material
Padded carrying handle

KPL Rustic – Best Traveling Bag

Rustic Vintage BagIf you travel a lot, then you know the importance of having a carry-on bag with plenty of room for all the little things you need at the ready. Additionally, keeping certain items with you is important if your luggage happens to get lost at the airport.

The sturdy design includes durable zippers and seams.

The KPL rustic satchel is spacious with room for several files and a laptop in the main compartment. Two interior zipper pockets give you room to put smaller items. Outside, two buckled pockets give you space for tickets, keys, wallets, phones, and other items.

Pros Cons
Easy to adjust shoulder carrying strap Many consumers feel the product looks better in the photos
Rivets with durable, dual caps May have problems with the stitching coming undone
Canvas interior material
Double stitch seams
Handle and strap

Wowbox Satchel – Best Unisex Bag

Wowbox Messenger Satchel BagDo you want a gift you can give to any friend on your list? Opting for a gift you can buy in multiples is an excellent way to save time shopping for birthdays or the holidays. You may find this bag is such a favorite that you want one for yourself.

The bottom of this satchel has an insulating layer to protect sensitive items like tablets and laptops. Premium leather materials let you feel good about giving this product as a gift. Men and women can use this bag for overnight trips, going to the office, carrying school items, and traveling.

Pros Cons
Removable shoulder strap May not be as durable as the manufacturer claims
High-quality stitching Colors appear different than in the photos
Sturdy buckles with magnetic closers
Adjustable strap
Interior zipper pocket and two exterior buckle pockets

Buyer’s Guide – Best Satchels for Men and Women

This section of the guide helps you get answers to the most important questions about these satchels.

Typical questions and answers

What is the purpose of a satchel

These bags are versatile. You can use them for everything from taking a change of clothes with you to work to carrying your golfing equipment. Many people prefer a briefcase or messenger bag instead of a backpack.

Does the bag have a handle for attaching to my suitcase

No. These bags all have shoulder straps and handles. You can adjust the strap to wear the bag across the body for security and comfort. Otherwise, you can use the shoulder strap to carry it on one arm. You can use the handle when you want the extra support.

Does the messenger bag fit 17 or 18 inch laptops

No. Most of the satchels on this list fit laptops between 14 and 15.6 inches wide.

Where does the bag come from

The manufacturers of these bags are from a variety of areas.

Are the bags oily

No. There is no residue on the bags when they arrive.

Can I use the bag for carrying books

We do not recommend using these bags as backpacks. You can use it to tote a couple of books and your laptop, but not as a primary option for school. These products are usually an additional item to free up the backpack solely for books and papers.

Leather Satchel Handbags FAQ: 

Which is the best leather for satchels?

Satchels are basically handbags with straps. So the most important features are leather quality and durability. 

Consider choosing a full-grain cowhide leather satchel because usually it has the texture that is soft to the touch. 

If you don’t seek durability, lambskin leather can be a better choice because it is so soft. But keep in mind that lambskin deforms faster than cowhide leather. 

Besides the obvious materials – cowhide and lambskin, you may find the top-notch satchels made of such leather types:

  1. Faux leather is technically not even natural leather. This material is based on polyurethane (PU). PU leather is a budget-friendly alternative to genuine leather handbags. PU is not very durable but also provides a luxurious appeal. Its structure is smooth and spotless while genuine leather may have natural markings and stretches. Also it is a good choice if you seek a pet-friendly material;
  2. Patch leather can be a combination of any genuine leather type. This leather type is more budget-friendly because it is made of many small patches. It provides the same level of quality and durability. However, the manufacturer prefer using one leather type for their handbags;

The best material is natural cowhide leather with a matte finish. It should be full-grain or top-grain leather type for the nice look and durability. Avoid any satchels made of split or bonded leather types. All stitches should be even and neat.

What is the difference between full-grain leather and genuine leather?

To put it simple, full-grain leather is the best leather type, at least, it is the best that you may buy in the U.S. market. It gives a rich, deep and fashionable style to any accessory and clothes. 

Due to the title, many customers believe that the full-grain leather will have a rough or pebble-like surface. But, in fact, it has the smoothest surface among all leather types. 

Genuine leather is the lowest quality type when it comes to natural animal skin. It has many scratches and its color may vary drastically. That is why genuine leather handbags cost much cheaper than full-grain leather satchel bags. People tend to ignore genuine leather as the type and call any natural leather genuine. 

Technically, it includes any leftovers after the production of other leather types. For instance, it may contain the scraps of pig hide, sand down, even some chemicals. So consider twice before buying the satchel handbag with the label “genuine leather”. 

Does genuine leather last long?

Natural leather has a very long life span. Genuine leather as the low-quality leather type can also last for many years, especially if it contains cowhide. 

If you use special leather care products, natural genuine leather can serve for many years. 

PU leather (that is fully artificial) will last from 3 to 7 years. 

Also, the term of service depends on the product’s thickness. For instance, if you carry a thin handbag made of natural leather daily, it may serve you from 5 years to 10 years. 

Who makes the best leather satchel bags?

So many U.S. and foreign brands manufacture great leather satchel handbags. It is really hard to distinguish even top-3 brands. Though, you should try one of satchel handbags made by:

  • Frye Logan; 
  • S-ZONE;
  • Samsonite;
  • Fossil;
  • Kattee;
  • Kenneth Cole;

These are good brands in the mid-price segment. They make really durable and nice-looking satchel handbags. 

Where should a satchel sit?

Satchels are messenger bags or handbags with shoulder straps. That is why you may want to wear it on your left or right shoulder. 

Check the strap, find the padding and place it on your shoulder. Some satchels are good for cross-body wearing. Usually they have chest strap paddings. 

Also, most satchels can be carried in one hand, if they have a handle on the top. 

Should men carry satchel bags?

Nowadays there is no such thing as “women’s” and “men’s” bags. Everyone can carry any bags he or she likes. 

But, usually, satchel handbags are offered in the department stores under the label “For Women”. Messenger bags are more common among men. 

But some designs of satchels are actually unisex on terms of color and design. So if you like sporting messenger bags and handbags with shoulder straps, you may try carrying a satchel. They are good for transporting laptops, books and other things. 

What is the difference between a tote and a satchel?

Since totes and satchels share the same basic concept many customers wonder what is the main difference between these handbag types. 

Well, tote bags are usually larger. Their standard shape is square or rectangular. Totes are casual handbags with short or long handles. Usually, totes do not have any chest or shoulder straps. They are good for traveling, gym, work, shopping. 

Surely, satchels also vary in size but generally they are of a medium size. They have a flat bottom, two short handles right on the top and a shoulder/chest strap. Mostly, satchels are used to carry laptops, books, files. These bags are not very roomy so you may reconsider them for transporting the clothes. 

A modern satchel can be of any size: from a spacious bag to place any trifles inside to mini-accessories that look more like a clutch or purse. Due to the variety of shapes and sizes, this bag can be used for different looks – from casual to party. 

Also, customers confuse satchels with messenger bags. They share even more similarities than with totes. 

Satchels may have different designs. The colors vary from beige and crème to brown and blacj. In the case of men’s bags, however, brown shades are preferred, as well as black, burgundy, gray and dark blue colors.

The most traditional material for satchels is natural leather, with manufacturers usually using thick cow leather rather than thinner calfskin. In addition, a classic satchel usually has the buckles on the front side of the bag. Messenger bags, unlike classic satchels, are usually made of fabrics and they do not have any buckles. But still, apparently there is no clear difference between messenger bags and satchels. 

Video Tutorial: Making a Leather Satchel Bag

Concluding thoughts

Since each of these bags is partially or fully constructed with leather, we suggest reading the manufacturer’s information for caring for the material. You can protect the leather and prevent rips with proper upkeep. Each product on our list offers a variety of features and conveniences. We suggest checking out the product reviews to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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