5 Best Leather Camera Bags
Camera Bag ZLYC
100% genuine leather
Practical size
Multiple pockets
Leftover Studio DSLR
100% genuine leather
Easy to carry
Multiple pockets
Camera Messenger Bag
Solid brass hardware
Four exterior pockets
Camera Bag DSLR
100% genuine leather
Easy to carry
Multiple pockets
Leftover Studio DSLR
100% genuine leather
Easy to carry
Multiple pockets
So you’ve picked out your stuff, you’ve got your camera gear, you’ve got your lenses, you’ve got your accessories, you’ve got whatever computing solution you want if you’re going to take one at all. Now you need a bag to put it all in. Choosing a bag is not as simple as it may seem that first. There are a lot of different things to weigh. You need a bag that can carry all of your stuff. You need a bag that’s comfortable enough for the long haul, and one that allows you the access that you need when you need it, to get to specific pieces of gear.

Buyer’s Guide

There are two categories of bags. There are shooting bags. Those are the bags that you actually use when you’re out shooting. They typically are smaller. They’re the bags that you use more frequently. They carry kind of a subset of your stuff. Then there are luggage bags. Those are the bags that you use to get all of your stuff, including your shooting bag, to wherever it is you’re going. You may even need both a shooting bag and a luggage bag, or if you’re really picky, you may need dozens of bags.

How to Choose a Leather Camera Bag

Before you can start your bag selection, you need to know what it is you’re going to be taking. Obviously, you need to know what gear you have before you can find out what kind of bag you need to put it all in. There are a few different questions to ask yourself before you start this process. First of all, are you flying? If you are, then you need to consider are you checking bags? Are you carrying bags on? Are you doing some combination of both? You don’t want to check your fragile camera and computer gear, both because it could get damaged and it might get lost, but you might have more camera gear than you can carry on. If that’s the case, then you might need a sturdy bag to put some of the excesses in.

You need to think about are you going into potentially bad weather? Is water going to be an issue, is dust going to be an issue, or are those not a concern at all? You also want to think about are you carrying any other luggage. That’s going to really put an impact on the carrying system that you might want. Do you want to backpack? Do you want a shoulder bag? Do you want wheels? If you’ve got another piece of luggage to manage, then that may really weigh in on that decision.

Check your renter’s insurance, or homeowner’s policy, or something, and see if it covers your camera gear and other computer stuff that you might be taking.

Video Guide: Making a Leather Camera Bag

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