5 Best Rotary Cutters for Leather
5 Best Rotary Cutters for Leather
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OLFA RTY-3/G 60mm
Dimensions: 4.5 x 0.6 x 10 in
Weight: 5.6 ounces
Durable handle
OLFA Rotary Cutter RTY
Dimensions: 6.7 x 1.8 x 0.5 in
Weight: 4.2 ounces
Easy to use
Contour Rotary Cutter
Dimensions: 8.9 x 4.7 x 1.3 in
Weight: 4.8 ounces
Ambidextrous handle
Premier Blades 45mm
Dimensions: 8.1 x 4.2 x 0.7 in
Weight: 4.8 ounces
Stainless blades
Orchidtek Rotary Cutter
Dimensions: 8.7 x 4.2 x 1 in
Weight: 15.2 ounces
Safety first

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76.55% of users selected OLFA RTY-3/G 60mm, 10.34% selected OLFA Rotary Cutter RTY, 4.14% selected Contour Rotary Cutter, 5.52% selected Premier Blades 45mm and 3.45% selected Orchidtek Rotary Cutter. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

The quality of sewing materials largely depends on the device that are use in this business. The use of scissors has long been outdated, especially on a production scale. Conventional scissors in the processing of fabrics and dense materials require great effort and a lot of time for processing.

The most modern and practical device is a circular knife. A round knife copes with a large amount of work. Blades for a long time remain suitable for processing fabrics. Sharpness of surfaces allows using similar knives for many years. This device is convenient to cut fabrics of different density, leather, cardboard or vinyl.

The round instrument is universal. It is convenient to use for home and industrial production. Reducing stress on the joints is justified by the special configuration of the handle. Your hands will be tired significantly less with a large amount of work.

Rotary leather cutters do not slip out of the palm and are securely fix in the hand. Getting hurt by this device is harder than scissors. The surfaces of this instrument are very sharp. It do not require sharpening for a long time.

Many kits for rotary knives contain curved trimming elements of different diameters. This allows not only to make straight cuts, but also to create new interesting shapes of the edges of the fabric.

A special effect can be achieve with a round instrument in the design of leather products such as belts. The use of various finishing techniques will create a unique thing without the use of specialized equipment. Leatherworking tools to cope with the tasks in the best possible way. We will try to objectively compare different models of round knives. This review will help you choose the best rotary cutter for leather.

OLFA RTY-3/G 60mm – powerful trimming surfaces easily cuts up to many layers of material

The trimming element of this model is equipped with sharp rotating metal surfaces. The diameter of the cutting element is 60 millimeters.

OLFA RTY-3/G 60mmThis device can be used for industrial purposes, such as leathercraft. This makes work faster, reducing at the same time many layers of material. Homemade things require such an instrument.

The sharp trimming surface is able to process even dense fabrics and skin. Not every scissor model can cut through skin without defects. The rotating trimming surface of this instrument will make the edge of the leather product smooth without chipping and roughness.

The disadvantage of this knife is trimming corners inside the pattern. It is better to choose another device for this purpose.

Pros Cons
suitable for people who work with both right and left hand; not able to produce high-quality incision at an angle of 90 degrees.
it is convenient in industrial work;
reliable handle;
tight lies in the palm of your hand.

OLFA Rotary Cutter RTY-2/G is universal cutting element for a wide range of jobs

OLFA Rotary Cutter RTY-2/GThis model of a round instrument is most often used for trimming. The rotary cutter sizes is 45 mm. Dense fabric for such a trimming element is not an obstacle. This device can easily cut felt, fleece, leather, suede and other materials.

The rotary knife fits comfortably in the hand during trimming. The tool does not create excessive stress on the joints thanks to a special handle.

The trimming element is framed with a special protective disc. Your hands will remain intact, even if the palm slips off the handle during the sewing process.

This knife comes complete with an RB45 blade. It is possible to use trimming elements with markings RB45 and RB45H. You can sharpen an existing blade or purchase another one if the surface has become badly cut. Buying a new blade will be much cheaper than buying a new device or scissors.

Pros Cons
equally convenient for right-handers and left-handers; creates sewing defects with the appearance of bends on the material.
does not require much effort in the work;
easily cuts a lot of materials;
has replaceable edges.

45mm Contour Rotary Cutter for leather make the process of trimming and sewing as comfortable as possible

45mm Contour Rotary Cutter for leatherThis device is suitable for working with fabric, leather, felt and paper. The cutting component remains sharp for a long time and allows you to save on the purchase of replaceable blades.

This model of a knife is equipped with the special button of blocking of an edge. You will not cut yourself if you block the trimming element. This is most appropriate when the fabric rotary cutter is not used.

The handle of the tool is designed in a special way. It allows you to minimize the stress on the brush. People with arthritis can use this device. Strenuous work with tissues will not leave pain in your hands.

Pros Cons
increased security; impossible to cut through a large thickness of fabric.
comfortable handle;
the ability to install curly cutting surface.

Premier Blades 45mm – the right solution for productive work with skin and fabrics

Premier Blades 45mm Strong and comfortable grip device allows you to reduce stress in the brush. The metal elements of the knife are made of stainless steel. This eliminates the appearance of rust, even when used in rooms with high humidity.

A set of six cutting elements will last for many years. After blunting one blade, simply change it to a new one. Cutting quality will be excellent. This tool is suitable for industrial use due to its effectiveness.

Pros Cons
set consists of 6 cutting surfaces; there is no figured cutting elements in the set.
cuts simultaneously up to tissue thickness multiplied by 6;
the presence of the cutting element lock button;
comfortable grip.

45mm Rotary Cutter Set with 1pc Titanium Blade Spare a great tool for finishing leather and scrapbooking

45mm Rotary Cutter Set with 1pc Titanium Blade SpareThe knife has an optimum cutting component diameter. Sharpening the cutting surfaces is not required. The rotary knife will cut the material for many years. You can buy extra blades and replace metal components.

A sharp round knife is able to carve out even the smallest details.

Pros Cons
security; cutting element replacement required over time.
easy to use with both hands;
cuts a thick layer of cloth or leather;
universal cutting component diameter.

Video Guide: How to Use a Leather Rotary Cutter


Rotary cutter belongs to a new generation of cutting equipment. It is simply indispensable for industrial work. The price and quality of such a tool can significantly save on the purchase of expensive equipment.

Do not use this device on a normal surface. You must purchase a special self healing cutting mat. The surface of the rug is very strong and durable. Additional markings on the surface simplifies cutting.

Many manufacturers offer to buy separate blades for rotary knives. This extends the life of the tool and makes it a very profitable investment.

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  1. Some of the best rotary cutters for leather are featured in this article. My rotary cutters have curved trimming elements for different diameters and angled cuts, which I definitely recommend. I enjoy how securely they sit in the hand and prefer them over traditional leather cutting scissors. Invest in a good pair!

  2. A rotary cutter for leather is an important tool. These circular knives make cutting through leather easier than every before. Modern and practical, I have always been able to tackle a large amount of work with one in hand, no matter have thick or processed the leather may be. Recommend!

  3. If you are like me and were looking for a wonderful leather cutter I highly recommend the OLFA RTY-3/G 60mm. I have had this cutter for around a month or two now and must say that I have not had any problems with the cutter. If you are looking for a reliable product check it out.

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