5 Best Leather Flip Flops
5 Best Leather Flip Flops
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Birkenstock Gizeh Unisex Leather Sandals
100% Synthetic and leather
Synthetic sole
Platform approximately 0.5"
Quiksilver Men's Carver Suede 3-Point Flip-Flop
Lug Sole sole
Anatomically correct support
Reef Twinpin Mens Sandals
100% Synthetic
Lug Sole sole
Water-Friendly Strap
LUFFYMOMO Adjustable Slip
Synthetic and leather,
Adjustable strap
EVA sole
Teva Leather Flip Flops
100% Leather
Rubber sole
Float Lite outsole

Many people do like wearing flip-flops made of leather. There are different types of flip-flops. Some prefer perforated shoes without the covered top, others buy stylish loafers or Vietnam or Korean sandals. Tastes and preferences differ, but sooner or later many of us decide to buy leather flip-flops. Here are the guide and tips to help you with this challenge.

Major criteria for picking leather flip-flops

  1. Comfortable design. Leather straps, insoles, and lining do not let your feet loose. As a result, a foot does not slide or sweat.
  2. Durability. Genuine leather can maintain a decent appearance and integrity for several seasons.
  3. Easy care. In summer, suede and nubuck flip-flops aren’t the best choice, due to the street dust, unlike leather shoes. Besides, leather sandals are easier to keep clean and fresh.

Different types of flip-flops

As I have already mentioned, there are a few types of sandals and flip-flops for summer vacations and hot weather:

  1. Flip-flops with wide leather straps are the most comfortable on the leg. Wide straps should be selected to avoid rubbing. After all, thin straps often cut into the feet skin, leaving marks;
  2. Vietnam sandals are good for dating and walking around town in summer, but they won’t do for beaches and countryside. Choose the models with straps that go as far as possible to the heel.
  3. Classic flip-flops offer a simple design of one-side slippers. They are my favorite because it is extremely comfortable to wear them;

Top 5 leather flip flop sandals by Leather-Toolkits:

  • Birkenstock sandals have a synthetic sole and 0.5-inch platform;
  • Quiksilver is a genuine leather pair with a lug sole and anatomically correct support;
  • Reef offers synthetic leather flip-flops with a water-friendly strap;
  • LUFFYMOMO contains the combo of genuine and synthetic leather with adjustable straps;
  • Teva flip-flops are made of 100% genuine leather with rubber soles;

Video Tutorial: DIY Leather Flip Flops

What do you think about my top 5 leather flip-flops? I’ll be waiting for your comments and feedback. Thanks for reading Leather-Toolkits.Com!

Hello, my name is Steve and I’m an author of the blog “Leather Toolkits“. The beauty is in simplicity, so learn, train, and make your life maximally simple by creating things that will please people for many years. Let your hobby grow into something more and make this world brighter! Hope, in this blog you will find answers to all of your questions.

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  1. I’ve been a fan of Birkenstocks for a while. I had some of their sandals in the past and they were one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I wore them almost every day and I can say that it’s a great product. Going to buy their flip flop version!

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