10 Best Leather Guitar Straps
10 Best Leather Guitar Straps
4.7 (93.33%) 30 vote[s]
Legato Guitar Strap
Durable and Versatile
Beautiful and Classy
Professional Look
Retro Guitar Strap
Soft PU leather surface
Adjustable length
Cool Looking & Stylish
Classic Guitar Strap
High-quality leather
Adjustable length
Provides max comfort
Serpentine Guitar Strap
Fashion snakeskin design
Wide Applicable
Perris Guitar Strap
A variety of colors
Unique strap
LeatherGraft Walnut
Incredibly Comfortable
Adjustable Strap Length
Soft Suede Guitar Strap
Stylish and comfortable
Adjustable length
Grain Padded Strap
Adjustable length
Anthology Gear
Guitar Strap Extra
Double padding
Adjustable length

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Leather Guitar Straps

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51.48% of users selected Legato Guitar Strap, 18.14% selected Retro Guitar Strap, 18.57% selected Classic Guitar Strap, 8.02% selected Serpentine Guitar Strap and 3.8% selected Perris Guitar Strap. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Are you looking for a premium leather guitar strap? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We scoured music shops and online marketplaces in hopes of finding the best leather guitar straps. While these practical instrument accessories don’t always get a lot of respect, they’re the backbone of an upright performance. What are you waiting for? Take a look!

Legato Leather Guitar Strap – Editor’s Choice

Legato Guitar StrapHave you ever had a guitar strap that digs into your back and shoulders? The Legato’s soft genuine leather, double padding, and rounded corners ensure that it is comfortable at all times. What’s more, its two-tone brown leather exterior makes it worthy of the stage.

This piece is super durable and aesthetically pleasing. With an adjustable length that ranges from 50 to 57 inches, it’s also suitable for musicians of all sizes.

Pros Cons
Full-grain leather Has a chemical smell
3 inches wide
50 to 57 inches long
Double padding
Rounded edges
Long-lasting seams

Printed PU Leather Guitar Strap – Best PU Leather Guitar Strap

Retro Guitar StrapWhen we first saw that this leather guitar strap was made of PU, we were a little bit skeptical. However, the 2-inch wide strap has an enchanting vintage flower imprint that quickly won us over.

The strap is super adjustable, ranging in length from 37 to 62 inches. What’s more, it comes with two complimentary guitar picks.

Pros Cons
Printed PU leather Not 100% leather
Retro design
2 inches wide
Genuine leather ends
Satisfaction guaranteed

Planet Waves Classic Leather Guitar Strap – Most Versatile Leather Strap

Planet Waves Classic Leather Guitar StrapWe love the simple, elegant design of the Planet Waves leather guitar strap. This piece features one continuous piece of high-quality leather. There are ample holes for quick, easy adjustments.

It can be altered from 44.5 to 53 inches long. The strap is available in several colors, but our favorite option is black.

Pros Cons
2.5 inches wide Not suitable for big and tall
Available in five colors
One solid piece of leather
Soft and flexible

Serpentine PU Guitar Strap – Most Unique Design

Serpentine Guitar StrapThis lovely faux leather guitar strap features a decorative snakeskin imprint. It is available in brown and black. The strap is extremely durable and built to last. However, some customers have complained that the peg holes are quick to degrade.

Still, we love the strap’s subtle details. Our favorite element is the hidden pick pockets located under the ends of the straps.

Pros Cons
Features a snakeskin-like texture Not genuine leather
Made of PU leather Wears easily
Pick pockets
Adjustable from 37 to 59 inches
Can be used with a wide range of guitars

Perris Leathers Guitar Strap – Highest Quality Leather

Perris Leathers Guitar StrapIf faux leather doesn’t float your boat, check out this genuine Italian leather strap. It’s smooth and flexible. Plus, it boasts a buttery soft suede lining. What’s more, it can be adjusted from 44.5 to 53 inches. Perris leather straps are handmade in Canada.

You can assure yourself that this product will last for years. The only frustrating thing about Perris straps is choosing a color. There are currently eight color options, including chestnut brown, black, and wine.

Pros Cons
Available in eight colors High sheen
Made from Italian leather Not firm
Adjustable length
Suede backing
Made in Canada

LeatherGraft Genuine Leather Guitar Strap – Best Strap for Heavy Electric Instruments

LeatherGraft WalnutLeathergraft’s guitar strap is made from incredibly soft genuine leather. While it is flexible, it also maintains its shape. As such, it’s one of the few straps we’d trust with heavy full-sized instruments. The design is simple and sophisticated.

However, you can lighten up its look by choosing a playful color, such as green or red. We love that this strap is 3 inches wide and 0.3 inches thick. It’s the perfect pick for lengthy practices and gigs!

Pros Cons
Suitable for a wide range of guitars Expensive
Adjustable length No padding
Extra wide
Available in five colors

Perris Leathers Suede Guitar Strap with Sheepskin Padding – Best Padding

Suede Guitar StrapDo your back and shoulders need a break? If so, check out Perris Leathers sheepskin and suede guitar strap. This soft, padded piece reduces the strain from heavy instruments. Not to mention, it looks great. The strap is available in eight colors.

Some colors are available in long sizes. We love that the sheepskin backing prevents our instruments from slipping. Once you try sheepskin, you won’t want to go back!

Pros Cons
Super soft sheepskin Not very long
Available in eight colors Sheepskin is poorly placed
High-quality suede
Easy to attach
Reduces strain

Straight Up Full Grain Padded Leather Guitar Strap – Strongest Guitar Strap

Grain Padded StrapYou don’t need to be in a folk band to rock this earthy strap, but it sure would be a good fit. This genuine leather piece adds plenty of personality to an instrument setup. It is available in stunning natural colors, including whiskey brown, tobacco brown, and aged steel.

The strap is wide, extendable, and soft. With reinforced ends and superior seams, it’s engineered to last a lifetime.

Pros Cons
High-quality full-grain leather Expensive
Available in three natural colors
Reinforced ends
Easy to attach
Wide and adjustable

Anthology Gear”The Reticent” Full Grain Leather Guitar Strap – Best Craftsmanship

Full Grain Leather Guitar StrapYou cannot beat the craftsmanship that went into this genuine leather guitar strap. The handcrafted leather has a lovely patina. The full-grain leather is even reinforced with parachute-grade threads. As such, your instrument and you are in good hands at all times.

It is also worth noting that this is one of the more comfortable guitar straps on our list. The layers of premium leather are backed with ample padding. As such, your shoulders and backs are allowed a reprieve.

Pros Cons
Premium full-grain leather Pricey
Ample padding
Available in 2 and 3 inch widths
Adjustable from 45 to 54 inches
Jumbo tongue sold separately

Walker & Williams C-22 Dark Brown Premium Top Grain Leather Padded Guitar Strap – Widest Strap

Top Grain Leather Padded Guitar StrapRounding out our list is an extra-wide guitar strap made from premium AAA leather. This strap has a lovely dark brown stain and a lighter glove leather backing. It is the perfect pick for heavy electric guitars and other over-sized instruments. It’s both practical and pleasing.

Don’t worry about finding the right fit. This strap can be adjusted from 44 to 54 inches long. Your back will thank you!

Pros Cons
Full-grain leather High sheen
Ultra-soft glove leather backing
Extra wide strap
Best for bulky instruments
Double padding

Buyer’s Guide

We shared our favorite leather guitar straps. Now it’s time for us to show you how we came to make these picks. In the section below, we discuss key buying considerations.


First off, you need to decide what type of leather works best for you. PU leather, or pleather, is a popular animal skin alternative. While manufacturers do their best to mimic the fibers in leather, PU degrades faster than the all-natural alternatives.

On the other hand, there are several different grades of leather to choose from. Most people prefer full-grain leather because it is dense, rich, and textured. Suede is another type of leather. It consists of loose, soft fibers. Because of its flexibility and lack of strength, it is often used as a guitar strap backing.

Keep in mind that some leather straps are reinforced with padding. The padding should be thick enough that it reduces shoulder and back strain, but flexible enough that it does not restrict a musician’s movements. If the leather has seams, make sure that they can endure moisture and heat.


Guitar straps are measured in two directions: length and width. Musicians may desire more or less length and width depending on the size of their instrument and the size of their body.


Most guitar straps are between 2 and 4 inches wide. The standard size is around 2.5 inches. Most musicians are satisfied with standard-sized straps. Meanwhile, large straps are often preferred by electric bass and guitar players.


Most guitar straps range in length from 40 to 60 inches. However, big and tall musicians may need a strap that is as long as 70 inches. If you are an average size, a traditional adjustable guitar strap should suit you well.


Most guitar straps feature holes that are designed to slip over a guitar’s pins. Some straps also feature strings that can be tied to a guitar’s head. Always choose a guitar strap that is compatible with your guitar’s preexisting hardware.


Guitar straps range in price from less than $0 to well over $100. Full-grain leathers and heightened craftsmanship can dramatically increase the cost of a guitar strap. Of course, there are still plenty of budget-friendly straps that are built to stand the tests of time. Explore your options freely but remain diligent with your expectations.

Best Leather Guitar Straps FAQ:

Are leather guitar straps good?

A guitar strap serves as an indispensable accessory, especially for electric guitars. To withstand the weight of an electric guitar (up to a few pounds) the belt must be made of durable materials. Though, there are cheap materials like nylon it is better to invest in a genuine leather guitar strap. 

Such leather belts can provide the best support for heavy electric guitars like Gibson Les Paul or Fender Stratocaster. Musicians can forget about back or shoulder pain and their movements won’t be restricted.

A good leather belt makes wearing a guitar comfortable for many hours, even on hot summer days on a naked shoulder. Besides, there are so many awesome fittings and colors to match even the most exclusive and expensive guitar. 

How should you adjust a leather guitar strap?

Most of leather guitar belts have the Feed-through system for adjusting it: 

  • The adjusting insert must be placed into the selected hole of the strap. Adjust the required length;
  • The end of the strap should be passed back through the adjacent holes in the belt and the hole in the head. Tighten the strap;
  • Then you should pass the free end of the strap through the last free holes of the belt. Tighten it;

Why do most acoustic guitars have only one strap button?

Two buttons on the straps of acoustic guitars can make more sense but for no explicable reason, the manufacturers design only one strap knob on these guitars. They explain it by the classic style of wearing an acoustic guitar strap – one end of the strap must be tied to the headstock or neck. 

One part of the strap goes on a single knob. While the rest of the strap should be wrapped around the headstock (under the strings and before the nut). 

Many musicians get a small rope and tie it between the tuners and nut of an acoustic guitar. The rope is tied into the strap hole. 

What is the proper way to wear a guitar strap?

There are so many ways of wearing a guitar strap. Basically it is better to wear the guitar so you could play any note in the 6th string without bending the wrist too much. Do not try to copy famous musicians – adjust the guitar strap and wear it according to your height and style of playing. 

However, there are 2 common ways to wear a leather guitar strap – high and low. 

Pros of wearing the guitar strap high: 

  • Possibility to play all notes on the fretboard;
  • It is more comfortable to play solos after the 12th fret;
  • Prevention from back pain if you are going to play at least 1 hour or more;
  • Bending and reaching for the strings is not required at all;
  • Reduction of the wrist pain;

Cons of wearing the guitar strap high: 

  • You won’t look “cool”;
  • It is not good if your height is too high or short;

To prevent any traumas consider putting the guitar strap in the center of your left or right shoulder. In such a way, you will get more support and balance. 

Besides low and high styles of wearing a leather guitar strap, you can try such ways: 

  1. Wearing it in a diagonal/parallel position. The half of a strap is taken over the head to place it on a shoulder.
  2. Putting the strap only on the shoulder. But in such a way there is a risk of losing control over the guitar. Sometimes musicians use this way of wearing a guitar if their shoulders are injured. 

How do you put a strap on a guitar that has no buttons?

If the instrument doesn’t have any buttons (knobs), install them as soon as possible to use and adjust the strap. If you own an acoustic guitar with one button on its body, you should install the button on the neck. Another way is to tie the belt onto the guitar’s neck with string. 

Typically electrical guitars have the leather straps with the ends shaped as rounded triangles. Every end has a small hole for the buttons on the guitar’s body. This is how you can play the guitar without getting tired of wearing it for a few hours. 

To provide extra comfort during playing, slip the strap hole over the button. The fitting should face outwards or it may dig into your shoulder.

How to make a leather guitar strap more comfortable?

As it has been already mentioned earlier, your personal style and height play an important role when choosing a leather guitar strap. However, some important factors should be considered: 

  • Width of a standard strap usually varies around 2 – 3 inches. The narrower the strap the less comfort it offers. But you may attach a wider shoulder pad;
  • The length of the most straps can be adjusted. To understand what is the best strap length for you to measure the distance along your shoulder from the strap’s button to the second one. Those musicians who prefer wearing a guitar at knee height should buy extra-long straps for their instruments;
  • Design – most musicians like flat leather straps. But some artists need the additional support provided by thick padding for the shoulder. 

How to make a leather guitar strap shorter?

To make a leather guitar strap a bit shorter you should try punching another hole, though you will get an extra strap flapping below the musical instrument. It is more reasonable to buy a strap with many holes in the first place to adjust the guitar when playing it. In a case, your guitar strap has no holes, many Youtube videos show how to do it properly. You will be able to do the job with a hole puncher and sometimes glue. 

Video Instruction: Making a Leather Guitar Strap

Final Thoughts

We hope we helped you to hone in your next guitar strap. Whether you’re looking for vegan-friendly PU article or a sheepskin-lined full-grain piece, you can find within our top-ten list. No matter which guitar strap you pick, we hope it makes you more comfortable and maybe even a bit more stylish. Cheers!

Steve Coltharp
Hello, my name is Steve and I’m an author of the blog “Leather Toolkits“. The beauty is in simplicity, so learn, train, and make your life maximally simple by creating things that will please people for many years. Let your hobby grow into something more and make this world brighter! Hope, in this blog you will find answers to all of your questions.

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  1. The Retro Guitar Strap has been my go to. I bought it a couple of months ago and have to say it was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. If you enjoy some character with your guitar I would definitely check it out.

  2. I really like the way you characterized all of these guitar straps. It has made it super easy to find the perfect strap that will look great on my guitar. Shoutout to you!

  3. Leather guitar straps are nice. I tried making one but was not very happy with the result, so I ended up buying a genuine leather strap from Amazon instead. I really like the quality and it appears to be hand stitched. Definitely recommend it! I get compliments when playing all the time.

    1. Hello, Emie! Thanks for sharing your experience.

  4. Leather guitar straps are generally very comfortable. I think my favorite is the Serpentine Guitar Strap but it’s a tough call, they all look great!

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