5 Best Leather Steering Wheel Covers
5 Best Leather Steering Wheel Covers
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SEG Direct
SEG Direct Black and Beige Microfiber Leather Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover Universal 15 inch
Durable microfiber leather
14 1/2 inch to 15 inch
AULLY PARK Universal Car Steering Wheel Cover Genuine Leather Stitch On Wrap
Genuine leather
Width: approx. 10.2 cm
Comfortable handle
BOKIN Steering Wheel Cover Microfiber Leather and Viscose, Breathable
Microfiber Leather
15 Inches
Attractive fashion design
Rueesh Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover
High quality microfiber
15 Inches
LemonBest Universal Pu Leather Car Steering Wheel Cover Anti Slip Auto Car Stitch On Wrap Cover
PU leather material
15 Inches

When it is time to replace a steering wheel cover, the new wrap should be a reasonable investment. First and foremost, such covers can wrap the old wheel, its nasty stains and cracks. Also, they make driving more comfortable and safer. Because the best leather covers prevent the driver’s hands from sliding over the wheel when driving. Premium leather wraps protect the wheels from getting too cold or hot.

Other benefits of leather covers for steering wheels include:

  • Soft to the touch
  • Comfortable non-slip grip
  • Better control on the road
  • The stylish look of the car interior, especially if the leather cover matches the seats
  • Durability – these covers are much better than synthetic or runner wraps

The market of the leather covers for steering wheels is enormous. That is why you need to look for certain features narrowing this choice down to a few top-notch products.

Check the buyer’s guide and comparison table for universal premium leather covers fitting most steering wheels.

SEG Direct Cover – the best eco-friendly wheel wrap!

SEG Direct Black and Beige Microfiber Leather Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover Universal 15 inchSEG wheel wraps are one of the best products in this category. It is made of eco-friendly leather. It is great for many cars with a medium-sized wheel. If a user seeks the heat-resistant leather cover with soft padding, the SEG Direct will be a perfect match.

Also, this product is quite wear-resistant with a better grip so the driver could have full control when driving the car.

Tips for users: Do not stretch this wrap. It’s better to use elbow grease if the SEG Direct doesn’t fit your wheel a bit.
Pros Cons
High-quality and smooth material Bad stitching at the seams
Cold and heat-resistant May slip on some steering wheels
Great durability
Lightweight – it weighs only 11.2 ounces
Non-toxic – it is great if you drive kids in a car

It is good for decorating only the wheels with diameter from 14.5 to 15”. The famous SEG covers will decorate and protect the steering wheels. It is suitable for the steering wheels of the Toyota Prius, Honda Civic, Audi 3 and Tesla Model 3. The full list of compatible wheels can be found on the official SEG website. This model is available in different colors.

AULLY PARK Cover – the best for style!

AULLY PARK Universal Car Steering Wheel Cover Genuine Leather Stitch On WrapAully Park’s cover delivers the best leather style to any car interior. It is made of a very soft material. The cover is quite fashionable because of the leather lace.

Tips for users: you may order DIY stitching from the manufacturer or leather artisans. Use waxed threads instead of the default thread – it would be better for stitching.
Pros Cons
Soft and durable leather The holes may appear if the stitching is too tight
Stylish and exquisite lace Doesn’t stretch well
Good for DIY stitching Installation can be tedious
Comfortable grip
A few colors are available

The package includes the cover, 1 needle and 2 threads for DIY stitching. This cover is available in sizes S, M and L. Do not forget to check the size chart before ordering the Aully Park steering wheel cover.

BOKIN Steering Cover – the best for temperature control!

BOKIN Steering Wheel Cover Microfiber Leather and Viscose, BreathableThe BOKIN covers are very comfortable. These leather wraps offer a nice grip and a perfect match for any 15” steering wheels. The best feature is the resistance to extreme heat or cold. You may leave the car in the direct sunlight and the wheel won’t get hot. Also, this cover has a nice classic design that can match any car interior.

Pros Cons
Top-notch material Hard to install
Perfect fit Uncomfortable grip for drivers with small thumbs
The inner grip lining doesn’t slip
18-month warranty
Rubber ring for additional control
Doesn’t contain formaldehyde

If you are searching for the stylish, durable and heat-resistant wheel wrap, this item will cover your needs. It preserves the same temperature despite the season of the year. This cover is suitable for so many car models including Chevrolet, Acura, Audi, BMW, Buick, Dodge, Camry, Cadillac, Chrysler, Corolla, etc.

Rueesh Wheel Cover – the best anti-slip cover!

Rueesh Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel CoverThis Rueesh cover is made of 100% eco-friendly microfiber leather. This quite thin but durable wrap can withstand temperature changes. It may fit almost 90% of the steering wheels. Most users choose this product for a firm grip.

Tips for users: this cover can’t be washed in a washing machine.
Pros Cons
Non-slip matte finish Hard to install
Soft padding for additional comfort The material is a bit rough
Stylish black color Heavy – it weighs 3.5 ounces above the average weight
Better safety on the road
Healthy breathable materials
Resistant to the temperate changes

The Rueesh wrap is good for protection and decoration. Thanks to a better non-slip grip, it provides an additional level of safety and comfort on the road. Besides, there is an additional massaging effect.

LemonBest Cover – the best price!

LemonBest Universal Pu Leather Car Steering Wheel Cover Anti Slip Auto Car Stitch On Wrap CoverThe LemonBest cover is based on the budget-friendly and healthy material – PU leather. It has a classic black color to match any car interior. The package includes a cover, a set of a needle and threads to do DIY stitching. The wrap can fit the majority of 15-inch steering wheels.

Tips for users: Sew whatever you want through the stitches. You may stretch this model a bit by running it under hot water, then wrapping in a towel, microwave for 1 minute. Then stretch manually.
Pros Cons
Anti-slip wrap cover Cheap and not durable material
Budget-friendly Doesn’t come with instructions
Good for DIY stitching
Quick stitching
Comfortable grip for hands

The LemonBest wheel wrap is a great choice on the budget. It adds style and provides a comfortable grip.

The Buyer’s Guide


  • Genuine leather is the cheapest material. It is made from various animal hides. Typically, genuine leather products are made of low-quality patches glued together. This material is a perfect choice for the most budget-friendly steering wheel wraps. Genuine leather is widely used for making belts and shoes. So any wrap made of this material will serve for many years. Also, this leather type has powerful weather-resistant qualities
  • Microfiber leather is another popular material used for making top-notch covers. This synthetic fabric only imitates the surface of real leather. It is all-natural, heat and cold-resistant material covered in chemical solutions. It is a good choice for the drivers who don’t want to buy leather made of different animal hides


Check the dimensions of the product before buying. They should completely match the size of your steering wheel. A comfortable grip is what you should look for. If the wrap is very tight, it may rip at the wrap’s seams quickly. And if the wrap is too loose, the wheel won’t provide the best driving control and you definitely don’t want this. So double-check the size of the wrap.

Bear in mind that such covers are hard to stretch. So the size has to be a perfect match from the very beginning.


Think about weather conditions that could affect the temperature in the car. If you live in a hot region, it’s better to invest in a high-quality leather wrap capable of keeping the hands cool. Bear in mind that light-colored leather wraps can bounce off UV rays. Such covers preserve the cooler temp for longer.


It’s the most important feature. The leather wraps must last for a few years without wearing out. Some manufacturers claim that their covers are machine/hand washable. So you can wash the cover to prevent it from collecting the dirt.

How to install a leather cover onto a steering wheel

Pull the wrap from the top to the bottom of your steering wheel. Make sure that the wrap does not cover the control levers or buttons. Then you need to start pulling it onto the top of the car’s steering wheel. As soon as the top part is in the right place, it needs to be fixed (it is better if someone will help you to hold it). Then pull the lower part.

Before putting the cover on the wheel, hold it for a while under a hairdryer – natural leather will become more elastic and flexible.

Video Tutorial: How to Cover a Three Spoke Steering-Wheel

Final thoughts

Top-notch leather steering wheel covers should provide the maximum grip and the best driving control. Consider choosing a clean, classic cover to match the car interior. Check if the leather wrap is weather-resistant. Also, it should be protected from the direct heat and UV damage. A perfect fit is another important factor to look for in premium leather wheel covers. The covering product has to be comfortable, nice-looking, and fitting your car’s wheel.

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