10 Best Leather Tool Belts
10 Best Leather Tool Belts
5 (99%) 20 vote[s]
Task Tools T77265
2 hammer holders
12 various-sized pockets
LAUTUS Tool Belt
Real genuine leather
Stitching and Durable
The Highest Quality Leather
10 Pockets
Occidental 5191 M Pro
Copper rivets
Made in the USA
Multifunction 5 Pcs in1
Quality material
Convenient design
Multiple storage purpose
LG Pro Framer Package
Premium leather
Hand-specific tool holders
Made in the USA
Craft Framer
19 pocket
Extra outer pocket
Hammer loop
Custom Leathercraft
12 Pockets
Combination holder
2 Steel Hammer Loops
Pro-Framers Combo
17 Pocket
Double Pouch Design
Rivets with caps for safety
Occidental Leather 9855
D-rings pre-installed
24 Pockets&Tool Holder
Made in the USA

Choose the Best Leather Tool Belt

Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Leather Tool Belts

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45.21% of users selected Task Tools T77265, 14.97% selected LAUTUS Tool Belt, 20.36% selected McGuire-Nicholas, 15.57% selected Occidental 5191 M Pro and 3.89% selected Multifunction 5 Pcs in1. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Carrying tools around is the easiest thing in the world to do. They’re heavy, but things could be even worse if you’re using a tool belt that’s poor in quality. There are a lot of brands out there that might look and feel okay, but don’t hold up well (no pun intended) when you’ve got it loaded with tools on your waist. You need something that’s durable, and won’t crack or age when the product is suspended on your jeans. Leather tool belts are ideal, with many based on real leather that’s treated to remain water-resistant for a long time. Below are ten of them, each being a good addition to add to your tool shed. Use them for your next home improvement project or any relevant jobs were the belt would come in handy.

Task Tools T77265 Carpenter’s Apron – Best Leather Tool Belt for Multiple Waist Sizes (Editor’s Choice)

Task Tools T77265The Task Tools T77265 Carpenter’s Apron belt is an all-around good accessory to have around, no matter if you’re a construction worker or want something for home use. Although it might not appear as so, the product will fit most sizes.

The break-in period is acceptable, so wearing it once for a few hours should have it conform to your body. The pockets are lined with rounded tips near to the top, making it easy to pick up or drop your items inside at a fast pace. Try it out if you want something that has you won’t have to worry about returning (due to being in the wrong size).

Pros Cons
Can accommodate a wide range of waist sizes Some slack will be shown if worn by people with shorter waists
Many of the pockets of shaped to make picking up tools easier, less fondling for small pieces
The hide doesn’t wear down when worn in moist or wet conditions

LAUTUS Oil Tanned Leather Tool Belt – Best Leather Tool Belt for Adjusting (People’s Choice)

LAUTUS Tool BeltThe LAUTUS Oil Tanned Leather Tool Belt is another belt that will form an ergonomic fit to your wait. However, the biggest difference between this and the previous belt shown is the time it will take for you to break it in. So long as you’re patient, this shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Reaching for tools is easy, and pockets can be slightly adjusted to a point that’s comfortable for you to grab them. If for some reason the belt doesn’t fit you properly, consider adding your own holes. This is also good for people who fluctuate in weight. You won’t ever find yourself shopping for an additional belt when you gain or lose a few pounds.

Pros Cons
The leather will stretch to fit to most wait sizes Long break-in period
Easy to clean and doesn’t stain quickly
Safe to add holes to the belt in case it’s too big or small

McGuire-Nicholas 10-Pocket Full Grain Leather Nail & Tool Apron Carpenter Belt – Best Leather Tool Belt for Durability

McGuire-Nicholas 10-Pocket Full Grain Leather Nail & Tool Apron Carpenter BeltThe McGuire-Nicholas Belt is made with 100% leather, and very durable when worn in an outdoor setting. If you’re storing it properly when it’s not being used, the belt will never rot or flake. Of course, you will have to treat it eventually with a leather conditioner (like leather) if you do end up using it for a long time.

Everything in its built is high quality. The rivets are made of copper, and will never rust. It’s a perfect belt to have around if you reside in a location that moist or receives a lot of rainfall.

Pros Cons
Dry rotting will not occur with the belt (when stored properly) There are no loops or hooks to help suspend the belt from the wearer’s trousers
The rivets and belt buckle will never oxidize (rust)
Pockets are deep but wide enough to take out items fast

Occidental Leather 5191 M Pro Carpenter’s 5 Bag Assembly – Best Leather Tool Belt for Comfort

Occidental Leather 5191 M ProThe Occidental Leather 5191 is an outstanding belt for people that need to carry around tools, but don’t want to be uncomfortable while doing so. This is due to the padding on the backside of the belt. It’s made from lambskin and makes to load you’re carrying a lot more bearable.

There’s also a good number of pockets featured. You’ll have to buy loops or hooks for the belt if you’re wearing suspenders, so consider this if you normally wear such clothing when you’re at work.

Pros Cons
On the belt’s reverse side, two pads made from lamb skin help prevent fatigue around the waits Loop attachments much be purchased for people that must wear the belt with suspenders
The main pockets are reinforced with rivets that help spread tool weight throughout the wearer’s mid section
Lots of pockets for tools of all kinds

Vruping Tool Belt – Best Leather Tool Belt for Home Use

Multifunction 5 Pcs in1 toolThe Vruping Tool Belt is the right tool for people that like to have lots of reinforcement around the waist. Pockets will never feel as if they’re wearing you down, each of them stitched into the primary part of the belt. Speaking of pockets, they technically shouldn’t be described this way.

You can only place tools such as hammers and measuring tape into the “slots.” Take a look at their shape, and see if this belt would be sufficient for the tools that you need to carry around.

Pros Cons
Lots of reinforcement on the belt, particularly along the pockets There are only four pockets in total with the belt
Fits a majority of all wait sizes
Easy to slip on or off quickly

Occidental Leather 5080 LG Pro Framer Package – Best Leather Tool Belt for Heavy Tools

LG Pro Framer PackageThe Occidental Leather 5080 is abundant in pockets, many of the varied in size so as to accommodate a multitude of items. Everything is built to a high standard, with nothing ever likely to come apart. The belt should last long past its warranty date.

They can be moved as well, a great advantage to people with left and right-handedness. Rust will never develop, so store it in your garage while keeping your tools inside the compartments if you wish.

Pros Cons
Has 21 pockets in all, most of which are varied and can fit large and small tool pieces Feels heavy on the wait, even when the belt is completely empty
The rivets and from copper and will never accumulate rust on the outside
Wearers can move the pouches along the belt and fit them in the spot that’s most comfortable

Style n Craft 98444 – Best Leather Tool Belt for Small Tools

Craft 98444 19 Pkt Framer's ComboThe Style n Craft 98444 is recommended for users that want a belt that has pockets for lots of small items. It’s built for construction work or home improvement uses, but brick masons in particular. Masons must rely on lots of small specialized tools (including pencils) to get the job done.

When you put it on, you’ll instantly notice how the belt doesn’t appear to pull down when you’re moving around. Although marks and scratches will show up pretty fast depending on where you use it, this doesn’t take away from the overall quality of belt.

Pros Cons
Has extra pockets for holding small items such as pencils, pens, etc Scratches show very easily on the belt and are difficult to get out
Has good sizes for fitting different sizes of specific tools
The belt itself and thick, and won’t pull down the wait when fully loaded

CLC Custom Leathercraft I427X Heavy Duty Contractor-Grade Suede Leather Work Apron – Best Puncture-Resistant Leather Tool Belt

CLC Custom Leathercraft I427X Heavy Duty Contractor-Grade Suede Leather Work ApronThe CLC Custom Leathercraft I427X, as it’s full name says, is definitely built of heavy-duty construction work. You can fit multiple large tools in its many pockets and slots. Drilling tools and hammers of all kinds can be placed on your waist when this is worn.

But the best thing about it is how your writing tools will never slip out of the bottom, a big problem for some of CLC’s competing brands. It’s also resistant to puncturing, so thong nails and screws shouldn’t tear the bag apart over time.

Pros Cons
Has room to fit two large tools, such as a drill and hammer Moving the belt into the right position can get trickyt
Writing instruments don’t fall out of the holsters
Jagged tools won’t punch through the leather; very thick

Style n Craft 98434 – Best Leather Tool Belt for Small Waists

Pro-Framers ComboThe Style n Craft 98434 is the bag you’ll want if you have a small waist. People who are large could fit in it’s too, although the break-in period might last for a few days. Getting adjusted will be under a week though, so it isn’t really a disadvantage.

There are two black handles along the top of the belt, which are helpful for handing the belt in your shed when you’re done using it. It also makes carrying a lot easier when it’s not around your waist.

Pros Cons
Ideal for people with small waists The pockets inside of the big pouches are very tight
Two black handles are situated on the top, making it easy to hang up when the belt is belt Will only fit small measuring tape sizes
Break in typically takes 1-2 days

Occidental Leather 9855 – Best Leather Tool Belt for Heavy Duty Work

Occidental Leather 9855The Occidental Leather 9855 is the final heavy-duty belt that you should consider for jobs that are tough. It’s built like a powerhouse and will hold your tools without becoming a strain on your back. The material, while 100-percent leather, also consists of canvas.

This might be off-putting for people that specifically need leather and nothing else. Yet give it a try if you want a belt that fits well and has pockets that aren’t too small for measuring tapes of all sizes.

Pros Cons
Hooks and the belt strap make the product very comfortable to wear for long periods Material consists of leather and canvas, not 100% leather
Can fit a lot of heavy tools in the primary slots Pouches cannot be adjusted
The belt can be adjusted to fit virtually any waist size

Buyer’s Guide

As a carpenter, you love what you do. You take pride in your work. You’ve already worn out two sets of the cheap, foreign, home store tool aprons, and now you’re ready to get some real tool bags. Here is a rating of the best leather tool belts. They are the most comfortable, long-lasting, well-designed bags you can buy. Lefties will be happy to know that you can find here left-handed versions, mirror images of popular models.

How to Pick the Best Leather Tool Belt

The most important thing to consider when shopping for a tools belt if the type of work you plan to do with it when it’s on your waist. If you’re a carpenter, welder, or work interior construction, check to see if the pockets will conform to the tools you carry, and whether or not their quantity is sufficient. Also, keep your handedness in mind as well. For example, if you’re left-handed, then you might want to check if there are belts with pockets that correspond to your hand preference. If not, then the pockets should be adjustable, at the very least.

The Belt’s Comfort Level and Features

A tool belt should be as comfortable as possible for you to wear. Of course, that isn’t the easiest thing to look for without checking the belt for yourself. However, you can see through images of the product if the padding along the sides appears adequate. Not all belts will have this. Try to stick with padding if you’re going to be carrying around a significant amount of weight on the belt. If you want to go with one without padding but need it to be comfortable, look into the products that have hooks or the ability for them to be added to the belt you like later.

Choosing a Belt that will Last

Not all belts are made the same, so you can expect there to be some difference in how long each product will last you. Much of this can also be determined by the upkeep and setting in which the leather tool belt is anticipated to be used. If you need it for indoor work, then it might hold up longer than for someone that’s going to be using it for outdoor activities. Look at how well the rivets are bolted to the pockets and the thickness of the leather belt and slots. Are there any areas where you think the belt could have been better assembled? And more importantly, will the quality be greatly affected by your work environment?

One-Piece Belt-Worn

This is the tool belt founded on, an all-leather, one-piece assembly. The buscadero, one-piece design forms to your body, distributing the load evenly, and the sheepskin lining enhances maximum comfort. These and all products here are handcrafted for a lifetime of use.


This unique system features the same, wide hip design as our one-piece set, yet gives the carpenter a fully adjustable belt. Constructed of a combination of rugged commercial nylon, high-quality leather, and high-density neoprene padding with extra wide hip areas. An adjust-to-fit tool belt system can be securely adjusted anywhere from size small to extra large. This allows for the perfect fit, no matter how many layers you wear, or how many pounds you lose, one tool belt set for all seasons.

Component Belt-Worn

Component systems are great when you desire flexibility and choice. Begin with the foundation, a three-inch-wide belt, then slide on the tool bags and accessories of your choice. It’s easy to swap out components for different jobs. Versatile tool systems offer bags made of leather, nylon, or a leather-nylon combo.


Sometimes, the best belt is no belt. Belt-free systems are a shoulder-worn method of carrying tools and fasteners that provide even load distribution as an alternative to a hip-worn tool belt. They help distribute the weight evenly across the torso, work great when wearing bulky winter clothes, and keep your tools easily within reach.

No one system works in all situations. For example, you might do concrete work one day and trim or cabinet work another. A good versatile tradesman will have an array of tool carrying methods, depending on the job at hand.

Leather Tool Belts FAQ

What are the best tool belts?

There are many leather tool belts out there. But only a few manufacturers make really useful tool belts of high-quality leather materials. These brands are: 

Bucket Boss Builders;

  • DeWalt;
  • AWP;
  • Klein;
  • Occidental Leather;
  • Style N;
  • ToughBit;
  • Task Tools;

Is any Occidental Leather tool belt worth the money?

Occidental Leather is one of the most popular tool belt makers on the U.S. market. For instance, the Occidental Leather Green Building Framer is one of the best tool belts in the United States. The belt feels split, but you don’t have any stiffness to contend with. All 24 pockets seem well arranged, and you’ll have space to hold anything you need. The brand also offers a lifetime warranty for stitches and rivets of their products. 


  • Wide;
  • Offers a few padded pouches;
  • Comfortable around the waist;


  • Expensive as all Occidental Leather tool belts;
  • Not many features;

What are tool belts made of?

Tool belts are often produced of numerous materials, some more durable than others.

The hardest but still the heaviest fabrics for tool belts are oiled cloth and suede. Nevertheless, this is a good solution to stop being poked by pointed instruments such as screwdrivers and chisels or just want something sturdy enough to last with careful treatment for decades.

Lightweight polyester, nylon or other lightweight fabrics may not hold up to hard or pointed instruments as effectively as leather does, so this may be a best-bet belt to bring a few basic items for a professional or DIYer. 

The perfect spot between the weight of lubricated leather and the decreased toughness of lightweight synthetics is frequently reached by thick canvas, multi-layered polyester or nylon, or faux leather. For traditional homeowners or DIYers, a durable fake leather or polyester tool belt is a smart option.

It means, the most common materials for tool belts are nylon, PU and natural leather. 

What tools should you have in your tool belt?

It depends on your basic tasks and jobs. On average, the basic tool belt includes such universal tools:

  • Utility knife;
  • A few screwdrivers;
  • Claw hammer;
  • Chalks;
  • Lineman pliers;
  • Putty knife;
  • Carpenter’s pencil/Sharpie/pen;

Depending on the job you do, the instruments you store in your leather belt pouches may differ. You’ll need a hammer for the handyman-style work, for which it is better to have a tool bag equipped with a hammer loop so that you will still have it within easy reach. A tape measure is often important, and the tool’s size depends on the job’s scope.

Different kinds of screwdrivers, utility scissors, carpenter pencils, various screws and nails that can perform most jobs, pace squares, and pliers are some other instruments that you can store in your tool belt. If you typically work in a dusty setting, security goggles, gloves, ear protection, or dust masks can be quite useful.

How much does a leather tool belt weigh?

Depending on the number of pockets they have or whether they have suspenders or other attachments, most empty tool belts on the U.S. market weigh somewhere from 3 and 5 pounds. When you count the equipment inside, though, the weight of the loaded tool belt becomes difficult to manage.

According to OSHA, on average, the tool belts will weigh upward of 50 pounds when completely filled, and this puts great pressure on the hips and lower back. A loaded belt may cause irritation, exhaustion, and pain to carry a tool belt that does not provide enough protection for long periods.

What is the right instrument belt for carpenters, then? As long as convenience is concerned, you will need to rely on alternatives that have flexible pouches such that you can position them and the devices within them so that the weight is equally distributed. The belt can also come provided with holding handles so that you are not pressured all the time to hold it on your waist.

How should you use a tool belt?

If you carry a tool belt over your back and shoulders during the day, a consistent load on your shoulders creates a daunting tilt. Now, imagine you’re going to wear your belt all day because it’s unquestionably bad for your well-being.

Ideally, by getting a compact pack, you can attempt to remedy this. It is possible to use this bag to position much of your tools. Here is where you can take the requisite instruments that are not heavier than 10 percent of your total weight when you decide to use any equipment on your project.

Nevertheless, if you wear a wide belt with soft suspenders, it will not give you any discomfort and back problems. When you fill the belt with the tools, the soft straps and suspenders help generate the weight and reduce friction.

You have to know how many instruments you should bring before you venture out to purchase a tool belt. Besides, if the belt will hold such tools, you just need to remember.

Things to consider when buying a leather tool belt: 

  • Choose a belt with spacious compartments to organize small tools inside. Also, the fewer pockets, the less weight of the loaded belt;
  • But these few pockets should have dividers or loops for better tool organization;
  • Select a lightweight and flexible leather (preferably natural);
  • Every large tool should have its place on the belt;
  • The belts with suspenders may support your backs and distribute the weight of all the tools. Wideband suspenders may help. They should be made with a sturdy material as nylon. Keep in mind that suspenders may stretch overtime;
  • The belt with nylon padding can cushion the weight of all the pockets. These pads can help to avoid sprains or pain in your back;
  • Consider using a tool vest instead of a belt, if you need a lot of instruments to wear along with you;

How can you tighten a leather tool belt?

Mostly, people ask how to expand their tool belts because a growing waist is a more common issue. But if you have lost weight and need to tighten your belt, you have 2 major options:

  • Use suspenders;
  • Buy an adjustable product (adjust-to-fit belt system);

There are many factors to go with a customizable belt system: waist measurements are known to shift over the years, several changes may be created with the belt.

Is it safe to wash leather tool belts?

Do not apply soap that is rough, only water. Leather is water-resistant, of course, but you would be able to scrub this clean with few to no issues. Using a really soft hand cleaner or just wash the belt with soapy water that is lukewarm.

Video Guide: Making a Leather Tool Belt


Take a moment to read the reviews of the tools belts that you missed, if there were any. How do you think they’ll perform for you when you’re at work? Will you be able to support the tool load, and are there enough pockets for you to fit everything that you need? Fortunately, there are two from the list guaranteed to do all of these things for you. The Task Tools T77265 and Lautus Leather Tool Belts place all of these features into a single product, each having numerous other advantages. Observe them, then consider the other eight if the top picks don’t check out for you. However, know that you’re going to get a quality product, no matter what. No longer will suspending your tools around be a hassle!

Steve Coltharp
Hello, my name is Steve and I’m an author of the blog “Leather Toolkits“. The beauty is in simplicity, so learn, train, and make your life maximally simple by creating things that will please people for many years. Let your hobby grow into something more and make this world brighter! Hope, in this blog you will find answers to all of your questions.

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  1. I love the Craft Framer and McGuire-Nicholas leather tool belts. They look great and seem like they have plenty of room to keep all my important tools.

  2. When you’re on the job the best way to have all of your tools always around your waist is to use a leather tool belt. It makes carrying items easily and extremely useful to use. If you are working in a labor-intensive field I highly suggest getting one of these.

    1. Hello, Jeffrey! Thanks for your comment. Leather tool belt is very useful for home usage.

  3. As an electrician I personally wear it over the shoulder as any other tools I might need would be in my tool bag but for 95% of the jobs I simply wear my toolbelt over my right shoulder and have my fasteners in pouches on the As my tool belt is simply has a yoke suspend her system with pouches for fasteners and on the right side your handtools.

    1. Hello, Jacob! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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