10 Best Leather Tool Belts
Task Tools T77265
2 hammer holders
12 various-sized pockets
LAUTUS Tool Belt
Real genuine leather
Stitching and Durable
The Highest Quality Leather
10 Pockets
Occidental 5191 M Pro
Copper rivets
Made in the USA
Multifunction 5 Pcs in1
Quality material
Convenient design
Multiple storage purpose
LG Pro Framer Package
Premium leather
Hand-specific tool holders
Made in the USA
Craft Framer
19 pocket
Extra outer pocket
Hammer loop
Custom Leathercraft
12 Pockets
Combination holder
2 Steel Hammer Loops
Pro-Framers Combo
17 Pocket
Double Pouch Design
Rivets with caps for safety
Occidental Leather 9855
D-rings pre-installed
24 Pockets&Tool Holder
Made in the USA

As a carpenter, you love what you do. You take pride in your work. You’ve already worn out two sets of the cheap, foreign, home store tool aprons, and now you’re ready to get some real tool bags. Here is a rating of the best leather tool belts. They are the most comfortable, long-lasting, well-designed bags you can buy. Lefties will be happy to know that you can find here left-handed versions, mirror images of popular models.

Buyer’s Guide

One-Piece Belt-Worn

This is the tool belt founded on, an all-leather, one-piece assembly. The buscadero, one-piece design forms to your body, distributing the load evenly, and the sheepskin lining enhances maximum comfort. These and all products here are handcrafted for a lifetime of use.


This unique system features the same, wide hip design as our one-piece set, yet gives the carpenter a fully adjustable belt. Constructed of a combination of rugged commercial nylon, high-quality leather, and high-density neoprene padding with extra wide hip areas. An adjust-to-fit tool belt system can be securely adjusted anywhere from size small to extra large. This allows for the perfect fit, no matter how many layers you wear, or how many pounds you lose, one tool belt set for all seasons.

Component Belt-Worn

Component systems are great when you desire flexibility and choice. Begin with the foundation, a three-inch-wide belt, then slide on the tool bags and accessories of your choice. It’s easy to swap out components for different jobs. Versatile tool systems offer bags made of leather, nylon, or a leather-nylon combo.


Sometimes, the best belt is no belt. Belt-free systems are a shoulder-worn method of carrying tools and fasteners that provide even load distribution as an alternative to a hip-worn tool belt. They help distribute the weight evenly across the torso, work great when wearing bulky winter clothes, and keep your tools easily within reach.

No one system works in all situations. For example, you might do concrete work one day and trim or cabinet work another. A good versatile tradesman will have an array of tool carrying methods, depending on the job at hand.

Video Guide: Making a Leather Tool Belt

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