5 Best Leather Travel Backpacks
5 Best Leather Travel Backpacks
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Vintage Duffel Bag
Big Size
Multiple Handles
Additional duffel strap
Vintage Crazy Horse
Color: Brown
Multiple Pockets
Improved The Zipper
AUGUR Backpack
Multiple Compartments
High Quality Materials
Kah&Kee Backpack
Color: Camel
Padded laptop pocket
Adjustable shoulder straps
Kenox Vintage PU
Color: Brown
Safty back pocket
High Quality Materials

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42.86% of users selected Vintage Duffel Bag, 14.29% selected Vintage Crazy Horse, 14.29% selected AUGUR Backpack, 14.29% selected Kah&Kee Backpack and 14.29% selected Kenox Vintage PU. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

If you are already a happy owner of a leather travel backpack you surely realized all the benefits you’ve got with this handy and comfy accessory. The manufacturers commonly use genuine or faux leather and cotton canvas for backpacks. They can meet lots of your needs if you are an active person and are often on the move. 

Genuine leather smart-looking backpacks are most suitable for work or school purposes, and business trips. With a separate compartment for a laptop and plenty of pockets for necessities, they will give more comfort and freedom. Large capacity and quite bulky canvas backpacks are great for those, who adore outdoor sports, camping, or hiking. 

All the details about the products and useful recommendations you will find below in the comparison table and the buyer’s guide. All 5 best leather travel backpacks were chosen by ordinary people and experienced travelers to facilitate your choice.

WITZMAN Men’s Vintage Travel Backpack – the best large capacity backpack for longer traveling

Witzman vintage travel backpack will become your permanent fellow traveler, no matter if you head for a day trip or a longer journey. It’s heavy-duty, high-quality, reliable, and practical. 3 handles on the bag make it easy to hold and manipulate.

The backpack straps can be hidden in a separate back zipper pocket not to bother you when not needed. It can be transformed into a shoulder or tote bag. The large volume can contain everything you need for the trip: clothes, toiletries, a laptop, and other trifles, even if you are going to travel for 2 weeks.


  • The cotton canvas of premium quality with PU leather insert
  • Heavy-duty zinc alloy metal zippers
  • Several handles give 3 options for carrying
  • Convertible to a shoulder bag with removable and adjustable strap
  • Can be used as a tote bag and a backpack
  • A window for a laptop
  • Lots of pockets inside and outside
  • A backside zipper pocket hides the backpack straps when not in use
  • Backpack straps have padded mesh for better comfort
  • Well-made and durable
  • Large capacity
  • 2 sizes available


  • The large compartment can be unzipped only from the side, not from the top

For the proper organization of your stuff inside, especially if you travel for a week or 2, you can use delicate laundry bags and pack your clothes and toiletries perfectly. Another method is to roll all the garments tightly.

S-ZONE Genuine Leather Casual Backpack – the best quality leather for everyday use

This casual style backpack is made of top quality thick and heavy-duty leather for your best experience. The casual vintage design suits perfectly for business purposes, daily occasions, or more active outdoor performance, like sport, hiking, or camping.

For those, who prefer to work on the move, there are 2 compartments for a laptop and iPad with special foam sleeves and fixing bands for better protection of your devices. The retro style of the backpack is attained with sturdy genuine leather and unique scratches on its surface and with use you’ll receive even a smoother awesome look.


  • Top-quality crazy horse genuine leather
  • Lining is cotton
  • Reliable top zipper closure
  • Large main compartment to fit 17” laptop
  • Professional handy design
  • Laptop and iPad compartments have foam sleeves and flexible bands to keep your gadgets safe
  • A pair of slip pockets for your phone, power cord, or a mouse
  • Perfect for business trips
  • Great for outdoor sports activities, hiking, or camping
  • Looks retro, wild, and rebellious with unique wrinkles, scratches, and scars
  • The leather gets softer and smoother with the use
  • Feels very comfy on the back when heavy loaded


  • Front pockets don’t close securely, only by a strap through a ring
  • Difficult to pull the zipper to close

This model is more suitable for men as it looks bulky and heavy. The leather is stiff and very thick. It resembles the leather used for saddles or motorcycle saddlebags. So, on women’s shoulders, it may look enormous and harsh.

AUGUR Canvas Vintage Backpack – the best for comfy multipurpose use

This Augur backpack will suit almost any of your needs, as it can be used for a variety of purposes: school, college, work, hiking, camping, flying, outdoor sports, etc. It features a protective padded compartment for your laptop to help you always be in touch.

High-quality and strong materials ensure long-lasting and comfy usage. Recommended for active people, who appreciate the combination of comfort with cool and handy design.


  • 38 liters capacity can contain all everyday essentials for studying, work, or travel
  • Premium quality high-density canvas with PU leather
  • Well-made and tough
  • Brass hardware adds vintage accents
  • Casual style
  • Easy to tighten and loosen
  • Shoulder straps are adjustable
  • Drawstring type of closure of the main compartment
  • Well-constructed with many pockets
  • The laptop compartment is shockproof and fits 16” computer
  • Great for various purposes
  • Suitable for men, women, or teenagers
  • Anti-theft pocket on the backside for the most valuable stuff


  • Not waterproof
  • Quite heavy

This stylish canvas backpack with leather straps can serve various purposes. It’s great for school, college or work. It’s roomy and sturdy. Those, who like hiking will find it admirable. This rucksack can also be used as a diaper bag, a weekender, or, as a carry-on, when flying.

KAH&KEE Leather Backpack – the best for weekend travelers

This weekender will do a great job if you often travel on business or personal occasions for several days.

It’s roomy enough to hold all the necessities, handy and comfy. The backside mesh will help you feel fine even when it’s hot outside. It looks fantastic and stylish. Young and old will love it from first sight.


  • Faux leather
  • Feels very soft
  • Breathable mesh at the back
  • The laptop compartment is padded to secure your device
  • Fits a 15” laptop
  • Sizeable zipper pocket at the front for easy reach
  • 2 side pockets
  • Unisex
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Great for studying purposes or as a daypack
  • Comfy for traveling
  • Looks chic
  • Easy to clean


  • Not very long-lasting
  • The quality of zippers is low

This model has 18 liters capacity. If you are traveling for a few days, it can easily contain several pieces of clothes, toiletries, and other personal possessions.

KENOX Vintage Laptop Backpack – the best work laptop bag for business or light day trips

Kenox vintage backpack looks amazing on the shoulders and can keep all the essentials for a light trip around the town, or business travel.

2 safe pockets for valuables, like a phone, keys, or cards are very helpful when being in the crows or on the tube. The attractive affordability of the unit will surprise you and leave all your doubts behind.


  • Artificial leather
  • Vintage style
  • Looks smart and professional for work or studies
  • Lightweight
  • Slim
  • Safe pockets at the backside and under the flap for keys, cash, and a phone
  • Fits a 15” laptop, though without closing the zipper
  • Zipper closure with a top flap
  • Well-made
  • Great for traveling
  • Very affordable


  • The straps slip off the shoulders
  • The straps are quite thin

This backpack is not convenient to reach the stuff in small spaces or crowds with both a zipper and a large top flap with magnets. However, you’ll feel better protected with this double closure.

The Buyer’s Guide


  • Genuine leather 

Backpacks made from pure leather are reliable and long-lasting with an exquisite rich look. They are comfy, handy, and easy to care about. The leather can differ in type and thickness.

  • Faux leather 

Accessories manufactured from synthetic leather are typically cheaper and are more variable in designs, styles, and colors.  

  • Canvas 

High-density cotton canvas is widely used in backpack production. They are affordable, practical, durable, and strong for heavy loads and frequent use. The only problem is dirt and stains. That’s why manufacturers often choose only dark colors.

Capacity and utility

Check the dimensions of the bag to have an idea about its capacity. Most backpacks now offer a special padded compartment for laptops and tablets.  You can fix the unit with flexible bands. Multiple pockets will help organize your possessions in the perfect order.

Design and style

There is a huge number of various leather travel backpack designs and styles on the market. Many of them are multifunctional and suitable for everyday use, school, work, shopping, day trips, business travel, and longer journeys. One more frequent use of a backpack is as a baby diaper bag.   

 Other tips for Leather Travel Backpack buyers 

  • The hardware is also very important. Zippers suffer a lot from heavy use and overloads, so check if they are metal or plastic. 
  • Canvas backpacks require frequent washing, especially if you go hiking or camping.
  • To keep the hardware shiny and wipe it with a soft piece of fabric. Don’t use any solutions or solvents. 

Video Guide: Making a Leather Travel Backpack


A leather travel backpack can serve you for various purposes. It’s perfect for day trips around the town, holding all your essentials, or for longer travel with a few sets of changing clothes, toiletries, gadgets, and other personal stuff. If you plan to use a bag for studies or work it will cope successfully with this task, containing all the textbooks, laptop, or iPad. Always choose according to your needs. No matter, which you’ll pick up, all selected models will give you a pleasant experience for a long.   

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  1. I don’t own any of these bags yet, but I’ve been looking at purchasing the Vintage Duffel Bag… it looks like an amazing bag and I’m sure works wonderfully. Hopefully, I’ll be able to bring it to college with me.

  2. Wow that Vintage Duffel Bag looks like it can hold a ton of stuff! I like the Kenox Vintage PU leather travel backpack because it looks more low key.

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