5 Best Leather Camera Straps
5 Best Leather Camera Straps
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Camera Neck Strap
5-Star Ratings
Professional grade quality
TUYUNG Camera Strap
High quality prime leather
Pair of ring attachments
Durable and lightweight
b.still Camera Strap
5-Star Ratings
Universal sling
TOP quality
TETHER Camera Strap
High Quality Genuine Leather
Rings for easy attachment
Universally compatible
Neck Strap Vintage
100% Genuine Leather
Comfort & Protection
Elegant & Durable

Whether you’re an amateur photographer, a social media influencer, or a photojournalist, there’s one camera accessory you need. That, my friend, is the camera strap.

These durable slings suspend your precious picture-taking tools. What’s more, they prepare you for action-packed photoshoots and candid captures. While a leather strap may not earn you a Guggenheim Fellowship, it will help you look the part. With your camera close by, there’s no telling what images will make it into your photo portfolio.

b.still Leather Camera Neck Strap – Editor’s Choice

Camera Neck StrapProtect your neck and camera with the b.still’s leather camera strap. This soft Italian leather band will never feel like a pain in the neck. This strapping leather accessory features a wide, padded neck panel and thin, camel-colored straps. The entire article is 45 inches long. However, it can be easily adjusted.

The sling is compatible with most cameras, including Pentax, Canon, and Olympus DSLRs. The small round lug attachments are easy to secure. What’s more, they provide a guaranteed connection every time. If you’re looking for comfort, security, and style, you can get it with the b. still camera sling.

Pros Cons
40 to 45 inches long No secure camera attachment
Genuine Italian leather
Universal fit

TUYUNG Leather Camera Strap – Most Secure Attachments

TUYUNG Leather Camera StrapIf your camera is your life, then you’re going to want a sling that cannot possibly let you down. The TUYUNG leather camera strap is a soft yet durable strap made from premium cow’s leather. According to the manufacturer, this strap can hold over 11 pounds of film, mirrorless, or DSLR camera.

The straps are engineered to embrace most camera loops and eyelets. As such, you can treat this strap like a universal piece.

The strap boasts a pair of metal rings with soft backing for a more secure and forgiving camera connection. Alternatively, the ends of the metal straps can be looped around your camera’s mounting rings. While the installation process takes a few minutes, it will ensure that your camera isn’t going anywhere.

Pros Cons
High-quality leather Not all leather
Can hold up to 11 pounds
Universal fit
Metal ring attachments
Doubles as a sling

b.still Leather Camera Strap with Nylon Webbing – Best Release Option

b.still Leather Camera StrapThank the camera gods for this one! This b. still product is a wide leather strap with slip-resistant nylon webbing. You’ll pay a little extra for this improvement. Trust us; it’s worth every penny. Natural leather is soft and slippery. While it looks great, it doesn’t always stay where you want it.

The b. still sling will hold up your film and DSLR cameras with ease. The strap’s universal connection points allow you to switch back and forth between different cameras.

The b. still strap has a loopy attachment that’s free from clips and pins. This enables users to release their camera without unhinging any accessories. It also boasts a sliding neck pad. The pad moves effortlessly along he nylon webbing, ensuring that your neck is comfortable in all position. Amazing, right?

Pros Cons
Sliding leather neck pad Inconsistent quality
Nylon webbing
Clip-free connections
Universal fit
40 to 46.5 inches long

TETHER’s Brown Leather Camera Strap for DSLR or SLR Cameras – Best Strap for DSLR or SLR Cameras

TETHER Leather Camera StrapTETHER’s brown leather camera strap is tailor-made for digital cameras. Naturally, this strap offers over-the-top comfort. The piece is made from genuine leather with an all-natural suede backing. The soft material can be draped over your neck or wrist.

You don’t have to worry about dripping dye or surface blemishes. This hearty all-weather strap is fit for the great outdoors. It is fade-free and waterproof.

This strong strap can be clipped or tied to a camera of your choice. The secure attachments won’t shred or come untied. You can even adjust the strap, adding as much as 10 inches of extra length on each side.

Pros Cons
All-natural leather
Suede backing
Clipped or tied
10 inches of adjustable length on each side

Cannix Genuine Leather Camera Strap – Most Timeless Design

Neck Strap VintageThis Cammix camera strap is made from premium handcrafted leather. The strap is thin with a soft sliding panel behind the neck. The strap I just over 35 inches long. What’s more, it can be adjusted. It boasts a vintage profile with modern amenities.

This strap is compatible with all DSLR and mirrorless cameras. The attachment points are strong and wear-resistant. If your camera is your lifeblood, invest in this strappy insurance accessory.

Pros Cons
Vintage look
Long and adjustable
Loop attachments
Genuine leather

Buyer’s Guide

A most popular size is the standard 53. This can be used as a regular neck strap, or it can also be used as a cross body shoulder strap or a shoulder strap hanging off one shoulder.

The 30 mil wide camera straps are popular now too. They’re designed for mirrorless cameras, and they do work for lighter DSLRs. They come in long as well, but most people are generally pretty good with the regular length.

Besides, you can choose wrist straps which are the same width as the slim 30 but just a nice small loop which is adjustable so you can run it just like a wrist strap if you don’t like running a neck or a shoulder strap.

If you’re picking leather camera strap as a gift for somebody, the most important thing to figure out will be what width they need. So if they’re using a lighter camera, a smaller mirrorless camera like a Fuji, Sony or Panasonic, you’ll want to run the 30 mil wide straps and depending on how tall they are, most people will probably be happy with this length.

Some people will want the longer strap. If you’re using heavier cameras, DSLRs or right through up to big and heavy, you’d be looking at either of the 53 mil wide straps, either the long if you’re a taller person or the regular.

Most of the straps are made with an upholstery style leather, which is a little bit softer to the brown. A little bit of a dimpled finish, nice and smooth slips well on your clothes, so the black, the white are all really soft upholstery leathers.

Video Tutorial: Making a Leather Camera Strap

How to Choose the Perfect Leather Camera Strap

Most photographers want two things out of their camera strap. They want it to excel at holding their camera and look great while doing it.


Generally speaking, leather is a durable, wear-resistant material that will naturally conform to the contours of your neck or wrist. We advise you to choose a strap made of genuine leather rather than a synthetic blend. The material should be soft and flexible. Full and top-grain leathers are the highest-quality varieties. Meanwhile, suede is a subtle leather product that makes an excellent backing Commit to buying the most superior leather. We promise it will be better for your long-term budget.


Most camera straps offer adjustable lengths that range between 25 and 40 inches. Of course, one photographer’s ideal camera strap length is different from another’s. Most people prefer the option to adjust their camera straps. Photographer Harry Benz recommends tying a non-stretchy sting to your camera to find your ideal strap length. Position your camera at a variety of angles to ensure that this length is right. Then, use the string as a measuring tape to guide your next purchase.

Weight limit

Cameras aren’t particularly heavy. However, bulky lenses and accessories can pack on the pounds. Find a strap that holds anywhere from 3 to 6 pounds. A high-quality animal hide can hold an ample amount of weight. However, some of the most common camera strap complaints regard rips caused by strain.


Do you prefer to drape your camera strap around your neck or sling it across your body? Camera straps can be worn in multiple positions, including around the wrist and waist. Find a camera strap that is engineered for comfort and style. What’s more, opt for a strap that provides ergonomic improvements. For example, if you’re after a neck strap, make sure it boasts extra padding and a sliding neck panel.


We highly recommend opting for an adjustable camera strap. While one-panel leather neck straps have an irresistible vintage appeal, they aren’t all that functional. Adjustable straps can be worn in a variety of positions. What’s more, they do an excellent job of holding up bulky lenses and camera accessories.


Always ensure that a strap is compatible with your camera. Connectors vary between models. IIf your camera has lugs, you will need a strap with similarly sized cutouts. Many straps boast loops or ties that can be adhered to a camera’s connectors. Ensure that the connectors are capable of dangling your camera in midair.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our rundown of the top five leather camera straps. Any of the aforementioned slings can be trusted with your favorite camera. On top of that, all of them look fabulous and can stand the tests of time. If you want a timeless sling that will provide you with lengthy protection, opt for the b.still Leather Camera Neck Strap. If you want to save a few bucks without giving up durability, then go for the TETHER’s Brown Leather Camera. Happy shopping!

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    Do you know of an adjustable leather strap that goes up to 57 inches / 145 cm ? I’m very tall (6’3″ / 190 cm) and want to be able to wear it around the neck or across my chest.

  3. Rule #1 for touring – ditch the poser strap you get with your camera – it attracts attention – I have 20 year old Op tech straps on my cameras , which have both lost their logos long ago (and yes , I do cover over the name badge on my cameras , just in case).

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