5 Best Leather Camera Straps
5 Best Leather Camera Straps
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Camera Neck Strap
5-Star Ratings
Professional grade quality
TUYUNG Camera Strap
High quality prime leather
Pair of ring attachments
Durable and lightweight
b.still Camera Strap
5-Star Ratings
Universal sling
TOP quality
TETHER Camera Strap
High Quality Genuine Leather
Rings for easy attachment
Universally compatible
Neck Strap Vintage
100% Genuine Leather
Comfort & Protection
Elegant & Durable

Buyer’s Guide

A most popular size is the standard 53. This can be used as a regular neck strap, or it can also be used as a cross body shoulder strap or a shoulder strap hanging off one shoulder.

The 30 mil wide camera straps are popular now too. They’re designed for mirrorless cameras, and they do work for lighter DSLRs. They come in long as well, but most people are generally pretty good with the regular length.

Besides, you can choose wrist straps which are the same width as the slim 30 but just a nice small loop which is adjustable so you can run it just like a wrist strap if you don’t like running a neck or a shoulder strap.

If you’re picking leather camera strap as a gift for somebody, the most important thing to figure out will be what width they need. So if they’re using a lighter camera, a smaller mirrorless camera like a Fuji, Sony or Panasonic, you’ll want to run the 30 mil wide straps and depending on how tall they are, most people will probably be happy with this length.

Some people will want the longer strap. If you’re using heavier cameras, DSLRs or right through up to big and heavy, you’d be looking at either of the 53 mil wide straps, either the long if you’re a taller person or the regular.

Most of the straps are made with an upholstery style leather, which is a little bit softer to the brown. A little bit of a dimpled finish, nice and smooth slips well on your clothes, so the black, the white are all really soft upholstery leathers.

Video Tutorial: Making a Leather Camera Strap

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  1. Steve you did it again! I’ve been following your blog for a while and love the content that you post. It really is a ton of great selections. I own a camera but have never had a strap. I think it’s time to purchase one of these.

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