5 Best Leather Strap Cutters
5 Best Leather Strap Cutters
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Tandy Leather Strap Cutter
Material: Wood
Includes 5 blades
Hold any weight
Yaetek Craftool
Material: Wood
Includes 5 blades
Hold any weight
Ywillink Tool
Material: Wood
The wooden strap cutter
Easy to be used
Asixx Strap Cutter
Material: Beech Wood
Two bars hold
Including 5 blades
Weaver Strap Cutter
Material: Wood
Two bars hold
Including 5 blades

Buyer’s Guide

It has a little hole in it. It meets up with the screw that’s in there. You just set that down. This part can be slightly annoying, but you only have to do it once, so you don’t have to worry about it. The unit goes so that the ruler is facing the handle. Tight that up a little bit. That’s how it goes together. That’s the first part. There are quite a few adjustments there you can make, but usually, once they’re set you’re good.

The blade goes in between two little slots on both sides, and the screws in the top hold it in place. To insert a blade, you loosen these up a little bit. They’re captive unless you keep going forever they’ll stay in there. You would loosen them up a bit. The blade can then be slid into these slots, or the old one slid out, and the new one is slid in case of replacement.


You make sure for safety that obviously the blade is not sticking out of either one of these slots. That’s a surefire way to get yourself into the emergency room of the hospital.

The back end of this has an adjustment, so you can make this wider or narrower. Again, pretty much when you have it set up for most of the leather you work with you’re good. If you are working with lightweight leather, you will bring this together with some.

It also is sometimes necessary if you’re working with very light leather that the blade can’t be made to stay outside of slots. In that case, you take yourself a pair nippers, or as they’re sometimes called dykes, and you break the sharp part of the blade out, that’s sticking out. That’s the way it goes together.

How to Cut a Strap

Normally, this is used for cutting straps off of a hide of leather. The first thing you want to decide is your size obviously. Now, the tool itself does have a scale on it, but it’s not super accurate. It’s close, but the best way is to just put it up to the mark that you want. In this case, mark it for one inch and lightly tighten the screw.

Once you’ve lightly tightened the screw, take your ruler, everything rusts, and check the alignment with an actual ruler. Just a gentle tap and that’s perfectly one inch. Now tighten it down nice and tight.

All you have to worry about is staying on the flat surface on both the top and the bottom of the cutter. Just simply slide it in. If you notice now, it’s touching on both sides. It’s touching on the top and the bottom, and continue sliding. If this was a hide of leather, you would just be pulling it down through the entire hide. In a matter of seconds, you have a perfectly cut strap of leather.

Video Tutorial: How to Use a Leather Strap Cutter

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  1. Interesting product. I just bought the Asixx Strap Cutter; hopefully, it’ll work well with helping to design my own leather bags. I’ve recently got into designing products and have high expectations for the product. Can’t wait to get the package!

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