5 Best Bitless Bridles
5 Best Bitless Bridles
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Dunn Bitless Bridle
Fit large pony
Premium rope nose
Weight: 1.39 pounds
Leather Bitless Bridle
Silver-colored buckles
Soft leather
Halter-style fit
Leather Crossover
Best Quality Leather
Stainless Steel hardware
Softy Leather padded nose
Double layered noseband
Set of 5/8" wide
Combo REINS 7710
Colored padded browband
Set of 5/8" wide

Video Guide: Making a Bitless Bridle

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  1. I used to own two horse and so I have some experience in making and adjusting homemade bitless bridles. The video you included here is a good overview for people interested in the process or who are hoping to try it for themselves. Just do not cheap out on the quality of your leather or the stainless steel hardware you incorporate into it.

  2. If you are an active person who loves to ride horses. I have multiple horses and race occasionally. If you are serious about getting a bridle I would recommend checking out the Leather Crossover. It stays in place and will last quite a long time.

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