10 Best Valet Tray Boxes
10 Best Valet Tray Boxes
4.8 (95.45%) 22 vote[s]
Dresser Valet Organizer
Elegant dresser valet
Versatile organizer
Protect & save
Profile Gifts
Interior for coins
7 Compartments
Leather Valet Tray Box
Free engraving
Fast shipping
Satisfaction guaranteed
Empty your pockets
You can stores coins
Great keepsake box
Valet Tray Leather
Genuine Leather
Eliminate Clutter
Multi-sized Compartments
TimelyBuys Valet Tray
Provides an ideal catch-all
Organizes everything
8 compartments
Mele and Co.
Smooth faux leather
Large open compartment
4 small sections
Dapper Effects
You can stores coins
8 compartments
Wolf Designs
Chrome finished hardware
Ultrasuede lining
1 compartment
Paper Anniversary
Genuine Leather
5-Star Customer Service

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Keeping up with your small items isn’t always an easy thing to do. Things such as jewelry, watches, and small change can quickly become lost if you don’t have an adequate place to store them. It doesn’t matter if you’re staying at a hotel or in your own home either; such appliances are less likely to be forgotten when there’s a proper place to keep them. Below are ten leather valet trays, the kind that you may have seen in hotels before. They’re well-made and have enough space for multiple belongings, which includes your smartphone. See which one is best for your needs, then read up on the Buyer’s Guide for time-saving pointers to help you pick. The best from the list are described in the summary at the bottom.

Stock Your Home Luxury Men’s Dresser Valet Organizer- Best Valet Tray for Jewelry (Editor’s Choice)

Stock Your HomeThe Stock Your Home Dresser Valet is great for people that need a quick place to store their belongings. It’s very discreet and has a front drawer that’ll open up without the need to show your other important items. And since all compartments are brightly colored, you’ll never forget anything inside before you leave your home.

Pros Cons
The drawer in the front opens up without the need to reveal the other contents (in other compartments) Quite large; takes up a considerable amount of space on a dresser or table
Multiple compartments are able to fit several pairs of glasses and wallets
Doesn’t take long to store watches
Trays are colored white, making small items inside conspicuous (less chance of forgetting something)

Profile Gifts 10 Inch Black Leatherette Valet Tray- Best Valet Tray for Smartphones (People’s Choice)

Profile GiftsThe Profile Gifts Valet Tray is ideal for anyone that needs a quick place to dock their smartphone. It also carries a lot of compartments for small items. You can place your chance in the curved pocket that’s in the front, great for anyone that finds themselves constantly losing money.

Pros Cons
Large enough to hold two smartphones The compartment in the upper right-hand corner may not align properly when closed
Has a compartment for small change that arches at the bottom (easier to see without moving)
The diver for glasses is covered and prevent dust from getting on the inside

Personalized Leather Valet Tray Box- Best Valet Tray for Watches

Personalized LeatherThe Personalized Valet Tray is great for storing your personal items that would age quick. There’s a compartment on the upper portion that closes, preventing dust and moisture from getting in. If you live in a household that has high humidity, this box will make the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

Pros Cons
Has an upper compartment for items that are sensitive to corrosion and dust (such as jewelry and watches) The smartphone stand is not big enough to hold plus-sized phones
The stand for a smartphone is sits at an angle, making it possible to use without moving
Color is neutral to most bedroom furniture

Vintiquewise(TM) Dresser Valet Leather Chest- Best Valet Tray for Sunglasses

Vintiquewise(TM)The Vintiquewise Valet box is actually a chest. There are no dividers in the product, so you’ll have to manage everything by rummaging through it to find what you want. It could quickly become junky so do consider getting some separately-sold compartments if this is the product that you want.

Pros Cons
Protect everything with a lid at the top, preventing dust and moisture from getting in There are no dividers in the chest
A small handle above the lid makes it easy to carry around when traveling
Hinges and and the lock are made to a high standard

Tech Swiss Valet Tray- Best Valet Tray for Durability

Valet Tray LeatherThe Tech Swiss Valet Tray is suggested for anything that is tight on space, at least when it comes to their top dresser. It’ll never get in the way of your other things and has small dimensions. On top of that, it’s weighted and feels very durable.

Dust won’t collect around the outside leather either; you won’t have to clean it very often.

Pros Cons
Compact enough to not get in the way of other items on a stand or dresser There are no lids for the largest compartments
The product is weighted and will not break easily
Not a magnet for dust

TimelyBuys Black Leatherette Valet Tray- Best Valet Tray for Money Storage

TimelyBuysThe TimelyBuys Valet Tray is also built to last, having large compartments that are great for storing money. If you’re always finding spare change in your clothing but don’t have a quick place to put them, this will really come in handy.

The money compartment is curved, so counting up everything in a hurry can be done without moving anything from the tray. It’s stitched to perfection, whereby the leather won’t scratch when the slightest thing brushes up against it.

Pros Cons
The large compartment in the front for money makes it easy to count coins The lid on the upper compartment is very thing and appears fragile
There are four jewelry compartments in the center
Good stitching on the outside, built to last

Mele and Co. Carson Men’s Valet – Best Valet Tray for Air Travel

Mele and Co.The Mele and Co. Carson Valet is recommended for travelers. The entire box will close and has a conveniently-placed money holder directly under the top. You can slide your paper bills in fast, saving the compartments for other small accessories. Speaking of slots, there’s more than enough to get two watches inside.

Place it inside your carry-on bag when you’re in transit; it will keep everything in one easy-to-find location.

Pros Cons
The entire valet box closes The watch compartments may not be large enough for some full-sized watches
Has a slot underneath the lid for storing paper money quickly; easy to notice
There’s enough slots for more than one watch
Small enough to travel with

Dapper Effects Valet Tray – Best Valet Tray for Small Nightstands

Dapper EffectsThe Dapper Effects Valet Tray is quite odd but in a good way. It appears small but can fit a lot of items inside, likely more than what one would expect. Place your rings or other jewelry inside to keep your ready-to-go. There’s also a spot for your sunglasses.

Keep in mind that some styles may not fit very well, so check the dimensions of your glasses and compare it to the compartment on the left side.

Pros Cons
Can fit more items inside that it appears Some sunglasses may not fit well in the left and right compartments
The curved compartment in the front doesn’t move when pressed down; not cheaply made
The smallest pockets are ideal for storing buttons and rings

Wolf Designs 290002 Heritage Collection – Best Portable Valet Tray

Wolf DesignsThe Wolf Designs Heritage Collection is the perfect valet box for the minimalist. It’ll never become a nuisance for you and is easy to pick up with one hand and move around. There are no compartments with this either, although this shouldn’t be a problem for most.

It has buttons on each of the four corners that you can use to add more space to the inside. Sometimes, they might be difficult to close, particularly if you get them wet. Try to keep this valet box in a dry location and the chances of this occurring are slim to none.

Pros Cons
Has a simple design that’s easy to move around and adjust to any room setting Some of the buttons in the corner may be difficult to close after opening
Can be expanded with buttons on each corner of the tray
Will fit in a carry-on or checked bag easily

Paper Anniversary 3rd Personalized Leather Tray- Best Genuine Leather Valet Tray

Paper AnniversaryLast but not least, the Paper Anniversary Leather Tray is recommended for anyone that likes to add a personal touch to their home or travel appliances. Feel free to have it engraved with your name or other text that you want by sending the info to the seller when you check out.

The large tray is best, although it wouldn’t hurt to have the smaller one around for you to use exclusively for coins.

Pros Cons
The tray can be customized with an engraving in the center of the compartment Must be cleaned regularly in order for the leather to remain in a new-like state
A small and large tray can be acquired as either separate or individual purchases
The large tray will easily fit a plus-size smartphone (with room to spare)

Buyer’s Guide

Use this guide to help you find the correct products from the items above.

How to Choose the Best Valet Box

The most important thing to remember when looking for a valet box is always a factor in the amount that you plan to store inside. How much jewelry do you have? Is there a lot of room to spare on your nightstand? When you’ve got this down, take a look at the dimensions of the product. You might have to jot down the measurements of each individual compartment as well, particularly if you anticipate putting a majority of your belongings inside. If you’re a traveler, the smaller compartments might be better for your needs. Such will also be easy to take with you on an airplane, helping you pull out small items from bags when you’re going through security.

Smartphone Compatibility

Some valet boxes have slots or stand for smartphones. If you want one like this, it’s very important that you check to dimensions of this slot. Some of them may not be big enough to fit a plus-size model smartphone. If you’re having a hard time finding one, remember that you could also use one of the compartments as a dock, placing the phone in a slanted but upright position.

Are these Valet Boxes Ideal for Women?

Absolutely! If you’re a woman and need something to place your jewelry in but like the aesthetic of leather, you’ll definitely love these boxes. Use them to store your makeup, rings, or other small items. They will all look great on your stand and get lots of compliments.

FAQ Valet Tray Boxes

What is a valet tray?

If you constantly lose keys and other EDC (everyday carry) things like wallets or earphones, then you should invest in a top-notch valet tray. Like all catchall trays, this piece was specifically designed to rest on your bedside table. You just need to put all your important stuff to this tray to keep the things organized. It is important to place a valet tray strategically near the front door or working desk, where you may quickly grab the necessary things on the go. 

There is a variety of valet trays available out there. Surely, leather valet trays are considered to be more popular than plastic or metal trays. They are softer, look stylish and polished, and can match any interior design. Choose a high-end leather valet tray and you’ll forget about misplacing your wallet, keys or sunglasses ever again. 

How is it made?

Creating a leather valet tray is an easy DIY project everyone can do. Such trays may be found in the workplace, at home to carry money, rings or something. A quick DIY project that can be accomplished with a basic or personalized template with comprehensive tooling patterns.

Below you will find a few useful tips for making DIY leather valet tray:

1) At first, prepare the required supplies – craft knife or scissors, sponge and water, vegan tan leather (consider using any other leather type), hole punch tool, mallet, protective leather applicator and finish, any polyester board or mat, stylus modeling tool, a ruler/edge, 6-inch thread (waxed) and needle. You may also require such tools as a stamp for engraving designs, a special leather dye, and a slicker. 

2) Create a template of the tray size that you require. Round the piece’s corners with a circular pattern, a compass or a tiny container lid. Label the thread holes on all 4 round corners. 

3) Outline the template on the dry leather piece with the stylus tip. Label the holes with the stylus on all 4 corners.

4) Take a craft knife to carefully cut the leather piece. Pick the tool’s straight edge to make the prolonged side cuts. Make sure that the knife’s edge of the instrument is smooth and keep it straight to make very clean cuts.

5) The holes should be punched with a 1/8-inch punch tool. Try to use a poly cutting board and mallet if you’re using a single punch device. If you use a rotary punch hand-held device, there is no need for a cutting board or mallet.

6) This step is optional! Gently dampen the edges with water & a sponge to smooth the edges. Choose a slicker bottom, bone folder or slicker wood spindle. This is the time to add design patterns to the piece. Stamp the pattern on the smooth side of the leather. Depending on your pattern, plan the assembly so that the design is either inside or outside the tray. Do not add paint or finish until shaping the tray.

7) A light coat of water with a sponge (spray bottle) is applied to form the valet tray. Pinch the edges, then align the holes. Fold the edges into fold lines upwards. It should dry then.

8) Add a special leather finish or dye. Let this dry up completely.

9) Thread the needle using the picked waxed thread. Start from the inside corner. Head over the top edge and through the holes. Pull the piece tight. Repeat 4 times, completing at the inside of the corner.

10) The tie finishes in a loop, so any extra thread is a cut. Repeat 8 and 9 steps at the majority of the corners.

What material is the best?

As it has been already mentioned, valet trays made of natural leather are considered the most durable and stylish pieces. Some DIYers pick cheaper PU leather and suede to create persistent and enduring valet trays for keeping the important things. If you are a fan of all-natural leather objects, then you should pick or make a valet tray of vegan leather. 

How to dye a valet tray?

If you intend to make a valet tray as a DIY leathercraft project, you may need to know how to dye the material for this object. It is better to use non-toxic dyes capable of coloring leather or cotton fabrics as you need. Dyeing leather is not that difficult but like any DIY project, it requires some patience and skill. 

Here is what you need to dye a leather piece for a valet tray:

  • Any biological dye (think of Tandy’s Eco Flo or any similar brand);
  • Leather – preferably pick a vegetable tanner leather or any vegan leather material;
  • All-natural leather conditioner or oil – some experts recommend picking jojoba oil;
  • Any clean fabric strips or scraps to apply a dye;
  • Any leather sealer;

After the preparation, start dyeing the picked leather material: 

1) Oiling the leather piece (and other preparations)

The leather piece must be prepared – groove, fold, bevel the edges and then punch the large holes out. In other words, do all the punching and cutting before applying the dye. For instance, you may want to hydrate the leather piece to make the finish after applying the dye smoother. 

Use Jojoba oil, for instance – any natural leather oil is better than just water for hydration. It’s also recommended skipping leather conditioners because they include wax and glossing elements. The front surface can be polished with a bit of leather-compatible alcohol. 

Apply the oil carefully – let a paper towel soak in the oil for a couple of minutes. Use the soaked paper towel to cover the leather piece. If you apply the straight pure oil directly, the leather piece may change the color drastically – it could become darker or even pigmented. 

2) If necessary, dilute the dye

The method you want to use is completely based on the picked design and color palette. When you like distinct and bold colors, you’ll get it if you go full speed. You might need to add a second coat that has full force dye to mask any blotches on the natural leather piece. You should dilute the dye and do several thinner layers before the ideal saturation is achieved if you choose a more subdued or antique look for your leather valet tray.

You may dilute the dye in such proportions: 75% dye and 25% water; 50% dye and 50% water; 25% dye and 75% water. It depends on your dye color preferences. Each diluted dye layer should be thin (if you apply a few different and diluted dyes to the same leather piece). 

3) Application of the dye

Every craftsman picks a different technique – for instance, you may pick an old t-shirt fabric for applying the prepared dye to the flat surfaces. To apply the dye to the edges you may need Q-tips.

Once you are satisfied with the saturation of the color, you need to let the leather piece dry completely. Otherwise, you may get serious smudging.

4) Add finishing gloss

So, you have finished dyeing the leather piece. Wait until it is fully dried. Only then you may add some finishing products – think a special wax, leather conditioner or more oil to your taste. After applying these products, you may want to burnish the leather piece’s edges. Never burnish before applying the dye. Otherwise, the leather may resist the dye. 

To seal the dye, you may want to use any natural wax-based leather finish. The Resolene products also can be picked for additional gloss. 

What is an EDC tray?

As it has been already mentioned, EDC stands for everyday carry things (wallet, car and house keys, sunglasses and other trifles that you take a long and use daily). So, logically, EDC trays are used to keep all this stuff organized in one place. These trays should be simple and functional. 

Mostly made of leather and plastic EDC trays vary in designs and prices. The forms and builds also vary from simple plates to double or triple-layered builds with many shelves/pockets. The main purpose is to keep the things organized and by hand – put an EDC tray at the nearest bedside table, cabinet or desk. Your life may become more organized and simpler if you use one of such trays. 

Video Tutorial: Making a Valet Tray Box


Have you figured out which valet box that you want? If so, please go over anything that you may have missed if you didn’t look at each product. Each has its own advantages, setbacks, and can be ideal for varying situations. But overall, the Stock Your Home Luxury Dresser Valet and Profile Gifts Valet Tray are the best, since they both have good compartment size and quantity. This isn’t to say that the other either featured aren’t worthwhile, so don’t change your pick if you’ve already settled on something different. Truthfully, you’ll be satisfied with any of the valet boxes, so prepare to have a clutter-free stand one and for all!

Steve Coltharp
Hello, my name is Steve and I’m an author of the blog “Leather Toolkits“. The beauty is in simplicity, so learn, train, and make your life maximally simple by creating things that will please people for many years. Let your hobby grow into something more and make this world brighter! Hope, in this blog you will find answers to all of your questions.

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  1. I have a nice valet tray on my dresser. They are really beneficial for organization. I keep my phone, watches, and wallet in it, but it has room for other items as well if need be. Mine matches the oak of my dresser, so aesthetically it is pleasing to the eye.

  2. I love these types of trays! I’ve been looking around the web for the best ones and I must say that you gathered exactly what I was looking for into a post. Thank you so much for all the time and effort that goes into creating these types of posts.

  3. Mele and Co. makes great products! I would totally trust their valet tray.

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