The 10 Best Leather Hole Punch Tools, Multi-Purpose and Durable
The 10 Best Leather Hole Punch Tools, Multi-Purpose and Durable
4.9 (97.87%) 47 vote[s]


Neiko 02612A
9.3 x 5.8 x 2.1 inches
3.04 pounds
General Tools 72
11.6 x 3.8 x 3 inches
6.4 ounces
ProMaster Pro-3824
10 x 3.3 x 1 inches
14.7 ounces
Skilled Crafter 7A-ZJ2Q
11 x 3.5 x 0.8 inches
15.5 ounces
EvZ 700953667694
11.9 x 1.2 x 4.5 inches
14.4 ounces
10.6 x 1.3 x 4 inches
1.1 pounds
Knipex 90 70 220
4.7 x 3 x 0.3 inches
8.8 ounces
C.S. Osborne 223
8.5 x 2.5 x 0.5 inches
8.6 ounces
WoneNice 43237-2
10.6 x 1.3 x 4 inches
1 pounds
E2Buy (Diyife) KA1
11 x 4 x 1 inches
1.14 pounds

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68.51% of users selected Neiko 02612A, 15.16% selected General Tools 72, 9.33% selected ProMaster Pro-3824, 4.66% selected Skilled Crafter 7A-ZJ2Q and 2.33% selected EvZ 700953667694. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Rotary eyelet puncher is commonly required for artisans that craft unique items like sheepskin belts, bags, purses manually, but professionally and masterfully. The tools are versatile, consisting of multiple round and oval attachments of various diameters, replaceable or changeable with the wheel rotary motion.

The puncher tools are beneficial for making accurate, tide piercings easily. You can select the suitable diameter and make a puncture without any efforts or assistance. Comfortable handles are also essential to provide ergonomic grip, avoiding any hand tiredness and fatigue, even working with the thick materials, during repetitive use.

So, select the suitable leatherworking tools, according to their application, materials you process, your needs and preferences. I hope, this review helps you to make an informative tools choice.

Neiko 02612A: The Most Powerful, Heavy-Duty Hole Puncher Tools Set

Neiko-branded tools are made in Taiwan. But they are rust-resistant, multi-purpose and user-friendly. The set of heavy-duty leather hole punchers is a good example.

It stands out by the generous number of dies and punches. Made of strong, hardened steel, these lasting perforators can pin even the metal (aluminum, brass) sheets, thick plastic and goatskin, remaining sharp. It is suitable also for shoemaking and a lot of other projects, being handy and durable.

The tool is extremely strong and reliable. It weighs about 36 ounces, or 2.25 pounds that’s a lot for hand tools. Due to high-leverage construction and ergonomic, convenient handles, it’s efficient and easy to use, allowing you to puncture precise and clean holes, creating sophisticated masterpieces.

Additionally, a solid shell case is available, helping you to keep the nozzles organized and transport them to your workshop.

Pros Cons
heavy-duty; flimsy screwdriver included;
multiple attachments available; it takes time to change dies and bits.
ergonomic handle;
handy case.

General Tools 72: The Best Punch for DIY Projects and Occasional Use

In contrast to the previous product, when we compare them, this item is compact and lightweight. It includes only 6 different-size nozzles that are located on the wheel. However, in terms of time to change the hole diameter, the tool is beneficial, self-opening.

The nozzles are of hollow type, tapered by shape, with sharp edges, making really clean, tiny punctures. Meanwhile, they are quite durable, made of hardened steel. The handles are rubber, enabling convenient grip.

Generally, the tool is intended to hobby and DIY use, but commercial application is quite possible. The puncher is incredibly affordable, so, it’s advisable to have an item like this at hand. When you need an additional eyelet in your sheepskin belt, you can easily make it by yourself, spending only several minutes and without any issues.

But for leather, the puncher can be used on paper, cardboard, rubber and similar materials, but not too thick and solid. Actually, it’s not heavy-duty, so, I would advise to pierce the material from the back side, rotate it a bit and squeeze again before releasing. Push hard and get a neat puncture.

Pros Cons
fast to rotate the turret; tiring for your hands;
lightweight; designed for piercing thin materials.

Pro-3824: The Best, Solid Rotary Puncher for Craft Projects

The tool is even more compact than the previous item, but it’s much heavier-weight. Therefore, I suppose, that its basic material, manganese steel (strengthened) is much stronger, sturdy and more durable. 3-year warranty from ProMaster is a great proof.

Having the standard composition, with 6 different nozzles and a wheel, the leather puncher is extremely handy, thanks to the long, cushioned and well-designed handles. They are non-slip, ergonomic, featuring several supports. Thus, your hands don’t become sore or tired even in several hours of devoted, repetitive work.

The puncher perfectly suits multiple DIY or hobby projects. You can open an additional eyelet in your belt, shoes, watch and wrist band, horse saddle or dog collar with it, or craft unique homemade items from goatskin, canvas, cardboard, fabric, etc.

Additionally, the set includes several essential accessories, such as an awl, a ruler, 3 large plates. They help you to make really precise, clean openings easily and fast. The Ebook included is very helpful and informative. Grommet pliers or a hammer for leather can be used optionally, at the start, when you need to remove undue metal rings.

Pros Cons
convenient cushioned handles; it’s hard to turn the wheel if you suffer from arthritis;
durable and sturdy; embarrassing to change the sizes.
3 plates, an awl and a ruler included;
informative E-book.

Skilled Crafter 7A-ZJ2Q-T6SF: A Professional-Quality Leather Hole Puncher

The tool is really reliable, sturdy and sharp, covered by 2-year warranty from Skilled Crafter. It stands out by the unique locking and lever mechanisms that let even a physically week person squeeze the tool easily and make neat, clear eyelets.

The grips are extremely comfortable and reliable, made of PVC, eliminating hands tiredness even during repetitive, long, professional work.

The puncture sizes are great, starting from 2 mm, suitable for stitching, processing sandals, bags, pet collars, horse rains, etc. Paper, canvas and other materials can be pierced, as well.

Several plates, a screwdriver, a transparent ruler and an awl are beneficially included. You would only require to buy an oblong leather punch optionally, to install a belt buckle.

Pros Cons
solidly built; large grip for small hands;
no hands tiredness; no oval prickers.
only one attempt is sufficient;
efficient lever mechanism.

EvZ 700953667694: A Perfect Sheepskin Piercing Tool for the Price

The device looks exactly the same as the similar top-quality items. It’s black, featuring 6 standard-size punches and one-direction rotating wheel. However, it’s made of the true iron metal, good-weight and comfortable.

The tool comes with rubber, cushioned and soft handles, enabling comfortable grip. A bottom, metal ring is also available. The brass-colored plate included is thick, but not too solid, actually.

Commonly, for a tool made in China, the puncher is quite sturdy and durable. Meanwhile, the product is affordable. So, when you need it for occasional, DIY applications, just to make some more eyelets in your old belts or dog collars, it’s quite acceptable.

Pros Cons
comfortable grip; the instructions are in Chinese;
safe storing ring; not long-lasting enough for professional or everyday work.
anti-oxidation surface;

WoneNice FBA-Won-3816: The Safest Revolving Leather Hole Puncher

The tool stands out by the most comfortable, rubberized handles, that eliminates any slipping and hands tiredness after repetitive work. They are equipped with the bottom ring, being lockable and amazingly safe.

Another highlight of the product is the screw that can be loosed to facilitate the wheel rotation. The metal body is black, coated, to avoid rust and oxidation. It’s durable, covered with 2-year warranty. Additionally, a brass pad and a screwdriver are included.

Generally, I recommend the eyelet puncher as an incredibly ergonomic, safe to store and strong device.

Pros Cons
rust-resistant body surface; the manual is in Japanese;
rubberized grip; flimsy screwdriver.
safety storing option;
easy-to-rotate wheel.

Knipex 90 70 220: The Sharpest, Superb-Quality Leather Hole Puncher

Unlike the previously-reviewed items, this tool is amazingly compact and lightweight. Meanwhile, it’s quite easy, requiring no hand strength, enabling solid feel and hung-free.

Actually, the tool is made in Germany, of reliable stamped steel, being amazingly top-quality and well-built. Its red powder coating is advanced, protecting the surface from rust and scratches efficiently.

The punch pliers’ construction is really unique: it features a locking lever and an opening spring, resembling the mechanisms of the garden pruners. The bottom plate is built-in, metal and faultless. The product is fairly priced, and, I think, it’s good to have it in your toolbox.

Pros Cons
strong metal; still not sturdy enough for thick materials;
advanced coating; the handles are not intended to continuous work.
unique opening and levering mechanisms;
beneficially lightweight and handy.

C.S. Osborne 223: The Best Leatherworking Tool for Farming Applications

The device is beneficially lightweight, standing out by silver, metal finish. Its shiny body is metal plated, ensuring durability and hard wearing properties even under the field conditions.

The frame is made of the pressed, heat treated metal (probably, forged steel, like the Osborne 115 item), being extremely strong and sturdy. However, the handles are not smooth, but a bit jagged, for sticky, non-slip grip. An opening spring is also available.

Therefore, the punch is designed for horse care applications, for example, for harness, saddles making, repair and adjusting. It is beneficially made in the USA, by the well-reputed, family-owned company C.S. Osborne and Co. This family is manufacturing top-quality, leatherworking tools since 1926.

By the way, its range includes a lot of task-oriented products, including pins, custom oblong and arch punches, chisels, grommets, awls, rulers etc. Meanwhile, the 223 revolving punch is top-quality and custom-built, hard-wearing and recommended for farming use.

Pros Cons
strong, heat-treated tubes; hard to turn wheel;
rust-resistant, nickel-plated surface; some pressure is required to squeeze the puncher.
straightforward use;
pierces thick leather easily.

WoneNice 43237-2: The Best Professional Hole Puncher

The tool looks very similar to the other, previously reviewed WoneNice-branded item.

The PVC handles, coating and metal composition are the same. The product’s special peculiarities include the punches’ sizes and shapes. You can make not only round, but oval and flat punctures with it.

Therefore, it’s suitable for professional use. Repetitive work is possible due to the cushioned, easy to squeeze handles. Additionally, you can manage a lot of craft projects, like saddle and shoes making, bags’ and sandals’ straps adjusting, processing multifarious materials, puncturing dissimilar eyelets.

Pros Cons
various punch sizes; suits only light leather;
sturdy; additional anvils would be desirable.
ergonomic grip;
2-year warranty.

E2Buy (Diyife) KA1: A Multi-Function Leather Hole Puncher

The revolving tool is heavy-duty, strong and comfortable. It comes with large, cushioned, labor-saving handles, advanced lever mechanism, sharp nozzles. You can puncture plastic, leather, canvas, fabric and other materials with it.

The tool features the standard-diameter round punches, being versatile and multi-purpose. It’s durable due to hard plated steel of the body, lacquered surface that eliminates oxidation.

Additionally, 2 pads, a ruler and a screwdriver are included to the parcel, and 12-month manufacturer’s warranty is available. So, it’s recommended for DIY, household use and craft projects.

Pros Cons
sturdy; a bit bulky;
comfortable PVC handle; you are to squeeze the handles firmly.

Buyers’ Guide

Selecting the best leather hole puncher, it’s worth considering:

  • its application;
  • frequency of use;
  • the shape and size of the necessary punctures;
  • strength of your hands.

When you need a tool for DIY, household use, just to make some additional piercings in a belt, strap, watchband or dig collar, a revolving tool with 6 round punches is commonly suitable.

The standard eyelet diameters are:

  • 2 mm (5/64”);
  • 2.5 mm (3/32”);
  • 3 mm (7/64”);
  • 3.5 mm (1/8”);
  • 4 mm (5/32”);
  • 4.5 mm (3/16”).

The smallest, 2 mm diameter may be indicated as 0”, but it’s not smaller than the nozzles the similar tools feature.

Being a professional crafter, a saddler, belt maker, you would need a wider set of nozzles. Oval and flat ones would be necessary for the special needs. For example, an oblong leather punch is required for buckle installation, an awl would be useful for stitching or holes marking. An arch punch would be required for processing of wide pieces of material.

Comfortable handles, durable, powder coated body is desirable for everyday, professional or outdoor use, and the items, covered by a long-time warranty are preferable.

Secondary accessories, such as a ruler, a screwdriver and plates are essential, anyway. However, the quality of screwdrivers that are delivered with the sets is commonly not high. So, I think, it would be better to purchase a heavy-duty tool.

Useful Video: Difference Between Revolving and Rotary Punches


When it goes about the DIY use, making additional round holes in the old, personal stuff, I think, the best leather hole punchers are the ones from ProMaster and Kniper, as they are the most durable and reliable. Professional leatherworkers would need an advanced set of attachments, like the one from Neiko, or WoneNice with round and flat punches.

Steve Coltharp
Hello, my name is Steve and I’m an author of the blog “Leather Toolkits“. The beauty is in simplicity, so learn, train, and make your life maximally simple by creating things that will please people for many years. Let your hobby grow into something more and make this world brighter! Hope, in this blog you will find answers to all of your questions.

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  1. The Skilled Crafter is my go-to punch for all mine and my husband’s accessories. He always seems to be buying leather belts that just don’t fit him right so I just punch him a few extra holes and they suit him much better. Very handy to have around the house.

  2. The general tools leather punch is perfect for doing crafts with leather with your kids or making fun costumes. I used it to make a cute cowgirl outfit for my daughter last year, and it worked like a charm. However, I am one of those moms who only make their kids costumes so I might be a bit more advanced than a usual mom.

    1. Hi, Valerie! Thanks for your comment. I agree with you, the General Tools Punch one of the best hole punchers for leather.

  3. Punch Neiko works excellent and very simple to use. Would highly recommend!

  4. I used Neiko for my belt.
    This punch works great. Easy to use and punches round holes. Used on heavy leather belts with no problems. Sharp and leaves a clean hole.
    It’s a great product.

    1. Hello, Harold! Thanks for your comment. It is a good choice to punch holes in leather belt.

  5. Great products for the price.
    Very nice, heavy duty, great quality for the price.
    I really recommended this products.

  6. I’ve been a corset maker for many years, but unfortunately my hands aren’t what they used to be… I was happy to see thatt you’ve factored in ease of use into your reviews! I can’t say that I use hole punchers all that often, but I would still like to have one that I can actually use in my current state. I’ll be looking into the Skilled Crafter 7A-ZJ2Q-T6SF, unless you’ve found a better option for those of us with sore wrists?

    1. Hello, Sally! I think Skilled Crafter 7A-ZJ2Q-T6SF is a good choice for your wrists.

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The 10 Best Leather Hole Punch Tools, Multi-Purpose and Durable
4.9 (97.87%) 47 vote[s]
Skilled Crafter 7A-ZJ2Q-T6SF