10 Best Threads for Sewing Leather
10 Best Threads for Sewing Leather
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Waxed Nylon Thread
Color: Black
25 yards
Coated with pure beeswax
Leather Sewing Thread
Color: Beige
260 meter
Strong and durable
Mandala Crafts
Color: Black
250 meter
Combo of 6 Rolls
Leather Hand Stitching
Color: Black
260 meter
Premium Thread
Color: T067
284 yards
Thread size: 1mm
Black Sinew
Color: Black
Simulated Sinew
Flat Waxed Thread
Sewing Waxed Thread
Color: Black
260 meter
Thread size: 1mm
Ritza Tiger Thread
Color: Black
20 meter (500 m)
100% polyester thread
Color: Blue
Cotton Wax Thread
Thread Width: 1mm
Coats & Clark
Color: Black
Dual-Trap System
More Secure Storage
Here is the best threads for sewing leather goods which I use every day for my DIY projects.

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