10 Best Threads for Sewing Leather
10 Best Threads for Sewing Leather
4.8 (95.24%) 21 vote[s]
Waxed Nylon Thread
Color: Black
25 yards
Coated with pure beeswax
Leather Sewing Thread
Color: Beige
260 meter
Strong and durable
Mandala Crafts
Color: Black
250 meter
Combo of 6 Rolls
Leather Hand Stitching
Color: Black
260 meter
Premium Thread
Color: T067
284 yards
Thread size: 1mm
Black Sinew
Color: Black
Simulated Sinew
Flat Waxed Thread
Sewing Waxed Thread
Color: Black
260 meter
Thread size: 1mm
Ritza Tiger Thread
Color: Black
20 meter (500 m)
100% polyester thread
Color: Blue
Cotton Wax Thread
Thread Width: 1mm
Coats & Clark
Color: Black
Dual-Trap System
More Secure Storage

Choose the Best Thread for Sewing Leather

Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Threads for Sewing Leather

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14.74% of users selected Waxed Nylon Thread, 56.97% selected Leather Sewing Thread, 1.2% selected Mandala Crafts, 25.98% selected Leather Hand Stitching and 1.12% selected Dow ILJILU. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Do you make leather crafts by hand? If so, then you know the importance of using a quality sewing thread. Perhaps you need something durable to stitch up cowboy boots or a leather wallet you want to give away for Father’s Day. Choosing the right thread means your gift will last a long time and hold up to plenty of use.

Selecting the best thread depends on the project you are working on or making. To repair leather, a thick, braided thread with a waxy coating will work great. You need a material that holds up to going in and out of holsters and knife sheaths for hunting items.

For more delicate applications, a thinner material or a particular color might be necessary. If you hand stitch curtains, aprons, tents, or luggage, then you may find the thinner threads easier to manage. When you need to make repair patches, then choosing an item you can dye or that comes in a matching color may be the most decisive detail.

Tandy Nylon 1227-01 – Best Portable Spool for Sewing

Tandy Leather Waxed Nylon ThreadWhen you go camping, fishing, hiking, or cave diving, then you are likely to use high-quality leather materials and durable outdoor gear. If your boots get a rip, then you need a thick thread you can use on the fly. We like the size of this spool of waxed thread because it is small and light enough to store in a tackle box, book bag, or hiking pack.

Material and durability

While 35 pounds of tension to break the line does not make this the most durable item on this list, it does withstand a lot of use. The strength of this thread is strong enough for fixing thick leather items like hiking shoes and cleats. When your tent, sleeping bag, and other supplies rip, then this material might be a more durable solution.

Pros Cons
Beeswax covering to prevent fraying and ease of use Manufactured outside the United States
Coating stays solid in low and high temperatures
Round, consistent shape

We like this product for the mobility factor. We think when you want something to stitch up your camper awning, this material will be waterproof and withstand temperature changes. You may feel this thread is a good item to stash in your RV tool kit because it is smaller than a handheld cigarette lighter.

Beige eBoot waxed cord – Best Apparel and Shoes Thread for Sewing

Leather Sewing Waxed Thread CordDo you get tired of the thread catching in the needle and breaking when you are sewing? We understand how important it is to keep going when you have little time on your hands. This material is less stiff and easier to navigate through the machine.


This thread is a smooth item with a flat shape. The manufacturer says one spool will last for an entire day of sewing. The fabric cord uses a synthetic polyester material making your seams resistant to fraying and damage from water, mud, and ice.

Pros Cons
Flat thread holds tight to seams Not the strongest item in our manual
Works well in machines or for hand stitching
Will not ravel with a little bit of heat

Do you find the wax on most nylon threads gooey and hard to get off your hands. Instead of stopping what you are doing to cleanup, you might want to our thread option from eBoot. The material is similar to dental floss and does not leave a residue on your hands as you stitch upholstery or crafts.

Mandala String Cord – Best Thread for Hobbies

Mandala CraftsWhen you make personalized gifts and handcrafted items, it is important to use quality materials. You want the items you sew to withstand regular use and daily handling. Mandala makes threads specifically for sewing crafts and repairing handmade keepsakes.

Materials and strength

Although this thread is one of the thinner options on this countdown, the construction of the material is tough. The braiding process adds stability to the thread making it sturdy enough to use with awls and laces. You can use these fibers with tools or by hand to stitch up hats, make cell phone cases, or to create covers for carts.

Pros Cons
Only needs a thin coating of beeswax to make the thread easier to manage Very light coating of wax making it necessary to apply more coating to prevent knotting
Excellent for furniture making
Will not break by hand
Resistant to mildew

When you want to create a special cover for a book, table, or lamp, then it helps to use good caliber products. This thread is thin enough for beading, macrame, making books, and sewing leather bags and purses. When you finish a row of stitches, then a quick flick of a lighter is all you need to seal the ends.

Black Leather Whipping Thread – Best Heavy Duty Sewing Cord

Leather Hand StitchingDo you own horses? Are saddles and tack a regular part of your day? If you need a handy material to keep around for long-lasting repairs, then you might like this handy option.

Components and strength

The coarse thread is a full millimeter thick cord in a round shape. While the material holds up well in sewing machines, many consumers feel it is more comfortable to use by hand.

Pros Cons
Excellent for indoor or outdoor items May need additional wax to keep sewing consistent
Resists mold and mildew
Tough enough for stitching boat sails, luggage, and items that tote large loads

When you work with animals, it is important to wear protective gear. Keeping these items in good repair means using top materials. We think you may like the nylon material of this thread because it does not tangle easily, and it slides in place making sewing fixes a quick task.

Dow Leather Thread – Best for Hand Stitching

Dow ILJILUIs your vehicle a source of pride? Do you work hard to keep your leather interior in perfect shape? You may like using a thread with wax to use one continuous piece of material for long seams.

Components and durability

The ILJILU thread from Dow comes in a brown color that blends in well with similar colors. This fabric looks thin because of the weaving pattern the manufacturer uses to wind up the material. Consumers using this product say it can withstand an 80 to 110-pound strength test before breaking.

Pros Cons
Braided line May clog sewing machines
Excellent color for boots, horseback riding gear, and camping equipment Separating strands may cause fraying
Works on a variety of goods like tents, canvas covers, steering wheels, boat sails, boots, and leather seats

This brown cord makes sewing a manageable task. To keep knots from coming undone, it may be necessary to double knot the material. You can apply a light touch of a flame from a candle or lighter to seal the ends.

Black Sinew – Best Natural Fiber for Sewing

Black SinewDo you prefer to work with waterproof materials when crafting, making repairs, or making clothing? Using a durable fiber allows you to dye the material a different color. You can also split apart the strands and use them individually for beading, necklaces, and embroidering.


Many leather crafters and horse riding enthusiasts prefer to use robust sewing materials to make, fix, and upgrade items with premium threads. This Sinew is a synthetic creation. The interlocking fibers strengthen the thread spreading the weight out evenly.

Pros Cons
Resists mold and mildew Does not stick to itself well when knotting
Excellent medium for making jewelry and working with exquisite leather apparel
Holds as much as 70 pounds

When you wrap candles and gifts with durable cording, you know the recipients are getting a blue-ribbon present. The man-made sinew is less apt to fraying and breakage than fabric threads. You may like using this material to keep your athletic gear in good shape.

Waxed DZT1968 Thread – Best Upholstery Sewing Cord

Sewing Waxed ThreadDo you repair fine leather couches and chairs? If you are a hands-on person, then you may want a durable and lasting repair thread. This black string is even thin enough for creating wires for model trains.

Pros Cons
Splendid material for applications from hobby building to luggage repairs May be too thick for delicate goods like belts and wallets
Black color works for all dark leathers
Waxy exterior

This waxed string prevents the line from tangling while you sew. You may like the affordability of this item.

Ritza – Best Professional Sewing Thread

Ritza Sewing Waxed ThreadDo you embroider or bead for a living? When you need a go-to string to sew sequins on a purse, you want a component that holds up if stretched or snagged. A cotton thread will break under these conditions.

Materials and strength

You may find many uses for the Ritza cording because it comes in a braided line that you need to cut to separate. The near millimeter thick string is tough allowing property owners to use the line to patch up awnings or tie down tarps after a storm.

Pros Cons
German manufacturing Thin line
Interlocking weave pattern
Thin coating of wax to prevent stickiness

Professional leather crafters rely on this thread more than most. This string is tough enough for heavy-duty use like securing tents in a storm or fixing sleeping bags out in the elements. We like the string because it is comfortable to use.

Flameer Green Six Spool Set – Best Combo Thread Kit

FlameerWhen you find a product you love, then this choice may become your favorite. We like the Flameer thread because it comes in six spools of varying shades. Our set comes in green, but the manufacturer makes other colors.

Materials and toughness

This string is a cotton fiber with a waxy covering to resist moisture penetration. The thread is long-lasting. We recommend using it for indoor applications. However, this string is strong and holds a good bit of weight.

Pros Cons
Flat thread design String lengths may vary due to processing techniques
Six color shades Colors may be slightly different than pictured
Resists wear and breaking

When you want to embroider a surprise for someone special, then using a combination of colors can be eye-catching. Using these threads lets crafters design a multi-toned object. Adding depth is much easier with this thread choice.

Coats and Clark Dual Duty – Best Miniature Thread Choice

Coats & ClarkDo you make furniture for dollhouses? Are you the creator of fine leather miniatures? Using our final pick for best sewing thread from Coats and Clark lets you stitch up tiny seams without bulging strands.

Pros Cons
Nylon One of the smallest threads
Delicate enough for wedding attire

The thin style of this thread makes it easier to grab with tweezers. When you work under a magnifying glass to line up seams, a consistent product helps even out the design.

Buyer’s Guide – Your in-depth look at sewing fibers


How do you choose the right material? If you need a tough seam, then heavy-duty threads are a must. Our comparison guide gives you the details of our list at a glance.


For fine projects like jewelry or beading, the thinner cords work best. To patch car seats and outdoor gear, the braided strings are most durable. The flat or round texture is another thing to think about when selecting the best thread.


  • Fabric
  • Synthetic
  • Combination
  • Waxy or natural
  • Applications

What do you sew? Do you sew by hand or use a machine? These answers make a difference in the thread you need.

Video Tutorial: How to Select Thread for Leather?

Spool size

Do you repair a lot of stuff? Do you use tons of thread? Consider the length of the material to save costs. Buying in bulk can save shipping costs too.

Stickiness of the wax

Is the coating so thick it will not go through the needle eye? Maybe another option on our list is a better choice. A lightly waxed thread may prevent breakage.

Final sewing leather recommendations

Our guide for best leather sewing threads contains a variety of options. We want you to have the information you need to buy the correct product. To get a glimpse of the materials, check out the pros and cons list for the individual materials.

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  1. Personally, when I use threads with my leather the only type I will ever use is the Leather Sewing Thread. I’ve found that it holds leather together perfectly and does not manage to come loose as other types of threads tend to do.

  2. There’s a lot of information to take in when learning about threads for leather. Each project needs to be assessed individually to discern which thread is best for the job. There are some types that work well for most projects but I like to choose based on the leather I’m using, what I’m making and how the finished item will ultimately be used.

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