10 Best Leather Watch Straps
10 Best Leather Watch Straps
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Barton Quick Release
Swap In Seconds
Smart Watch Widths
Ideal Comfort
Barton Canvas
Swap In Seconds
Smart Watch Widths
Premium Materials
Quick Release
Superior Quality
Easy Installation
Size: Only Fit 14mm
Wocci Watch Band
Elegant Appearance
Premium Quality
Eache Crazy Horse
Genuine Leather
The unique buckle
Replacment band
Maikes Watch Band
Compatible Watch Band
Various Colors
Oil Wax Leather
Vintage Watch Band
Compatible Watch Band
Wrist Fit
Songdu Quick Release
100% genuine leather
Leunglik Watch Band
Premium Quality
Adjustable Strap Length
iStrap Watch Strap
Calf Skin Leather
High Quality

Choose the Best Leather Watch Strap

Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Leather Watch Straps

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51.82% of users selected Barton Quick Release, 4.55% selected Barton Canvas, 13.64% selected Quick Release, 17.73% selected Wocci Watch Band and 12.27% selected Eache Crazy Horse. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Do you have a premium watch that is in need of the perfect strap? A high-quality leather band can enhance the look and feel of a timepiece. In the section below, we offer ten of our choice leather watch bands. These picks should help point you in the direction of the perfect strap combo. On top of that, we’ve got tips and tricks for selecting the best possible bands.

Barton Quick-Release Top-Grain Leather Watch Band – Editor’s Pick

Barton Quick ReleaseBarton’s Quick Release watch bands combine high-convenience technologies with premium materials. While these impressive products also come in canvas and silicone. However, in our humble opinion, leather varieties can’t be beat.

Each band consists of two pieces of premium top-grain leather. They are available in over 15 different color combinations. The top-stitching, which is available in both matching and contrasting colors, wraps around the entire perimeter of the watch. Meanwhile, a low-profile 316L stainless steel buckle adds an air of sophistication. There are also five different clasp colors available.

This strap creates timeless timekeeping ensembles. It combines some of the most classic watch designs with a few modern technologies. The band’s built-in quick release spring bars make it easy to install on everything from mechanical to smartwatches. If your watch has a lug width between 18 and 22 milliliters, it is sure to fit the Barton.

The watch strap is super soft and flexible, making it comfortable for extended wear. It’s also an affordable option with plenty of aesthetic finishes. The unisex design provides a solid backdrop for all sorts of watches. If you’re struggling to choose just one design, check out the classic black or brown leather straps with white stitching.

Pros Cons
Stainless steel buckle May be too thin for thick wrists
Nearly 15 different unique color combinations
High-contrast perimeter stitches
Easy to remove
Two piece construction
Fits a variety of lugs
Soft and flexible

Barton Canvas Quick Release Watch Band – Most Athletic Watch Band

Barton CanvasAre you trying to steer clear of animal products? Do you want a more durable watch strap? Barton’s Quick Release Canvas Watch Straps are a great choice. Like the leather alternatives, these watches boast adjustable snap-on lugs. What’s more, each two-piece band is reinforced with a perimeter of durable nylon stitching.

With plenty of color options to choose from, it’s easy to find a Barton combination that coordinates well with nearly a personal timepiece.

We loved the smooth, sleek feel of this high-grade canvas strap. The watch boasts plenty of precision-cut eyelets, making it easy to fit on nearly any wrist. What’s more, the closures are made from premium stainless steel. The combination of materials makes this band super easy to clean.

Despite their premium quality, Banton watch straps are priced to sell. As such, we recommend stocking up on this affordable strap. You’ll find that the dense natural fibers of this watch strap are well-suited for everything from outdoor adventures to business meetings. With so many color coordinates to choose from, an extensive Banton collection can help you create a look for virtually every day of the week.

Pros Cons
High-grade canvas Needs to be broken in
Holds up to wear and tear Logo path is somewhat uncomfortable
Stylish topside stitching
Stainless steel closure
Adjustment holes are close together
Premium customer service

Fullmosa Leather Watch Band – Easiest Coordinate

12 Colors for Quick ReleaseWe were impressed with this leather watch strap from the moment we opened its box. Between the stylish packaging and the complimentary installation tool, there’s no doubt that the Fullmosa is a top-quality wrist band.

The strap is made from premium full-grain leather. It comes in over a dozen colors, including classic black and brown. The bands come in widths ranging from 14 to 24 millimeters, making it easy for consumers to find a custom fit.

The Fullmosa coordinates well with everything from smartwatches to more traditional timepieces. Its buttery soft leather cushions the wrist. Meanwhile, its topstitching and stainless steel clasp serves as classy embellishments. Installation is easy too. While the band comes with a custom installation tool, many consumers can complete the process with their bare hands. The process takes just a few seconds and offers instantly satisfying results.

Pros Cons
Over a dozen colorways Pressed logo is not disreet
10 precision-cut eyelets for precise fit
Easy installation
Compatible with seven different lug sizes
Comes in premium reusable packaging

WOCCI Vintage Leather Watch Band – Best Vintage-Inspired Design

WOCCI Watch BandVintage-inspired straps are in, and WOCCI has them! WOCCI utilizes a lush matte leather to create a subtly worn finish. Their straps pair especially well with antique watches. Customers can choose between vibrant colors, including black, dark brown, and light brown.

They also have the option to choose between contrasting and matching tone seams.

WOCCI’s Crazy Horse Leather is a durable substance that is capable of withstanding the tests of time. With that said, you may need to wear the strap a few times to break it in. One of the joys of this leather is that it effortlessly conforms to the angles of your wrist. Over time, the WOCCI becomes a custom fit.

WOCCI also boasts an extensive word-of-mouth guarentee. The company promises to solve all quality issues by issuing a replacement or refund While we didn’t experience any issues with our band, many customers have reported having positive experiences when dealing with WOCCI’s customer service team.

Pros Cons
Made from premium genuine leather Rubbery
Comes in a variety of traditional colors
Contrasting and matching tone stitching
Stainless steel closures
Two-piece construction

EACHE Genuine Leather Watch Band – Most Unique Buckle

EACHEAnother popular wrist band we came across in our research was the EACHE watch band replacements. The leather used in the EACHE bands has an exceptional texture. That’s because it has been dyed with vegetable dye and finished with wax. These traditional techniques give the band a suede-like softness that, believe us, is hard to find.

The bands are engineered to fit wrists ranging from 135 to 200 millimeters. Regardless of the size, the watches are designed to accommodate watches with 18-millimeter lugs.

Pros Cons
Available in 18, 19, 20 and 20 millimeters Feels synthetic
Geniune Italian leather
Several close-together eyelets
Comes with an installation tool

MAIKES Watch Band – Best Greased Leather Band

Vintage MAIKES Watch BandThis luxurious greased leather watchband compliments everything from conventional timepieces to smartwatches. The leather has been treated with a mix of oil and wax. As such, it has a distinct patina that closely resembles vintage leather. The straps incongruities and easily aged surface add to its distinction and character.

While this unique watch strap isn’t for everyone, it is a unique aesthetic that makes it so incredibly popular.

The MAIKES watch band comes in a wide variety of combinations. In addition to its variety of distinct leather colors, MAIKES also offers a collection of colored clasps. Each strap features a two-part construction with dual spring bars. There are also seven precision-cut eyelets for fine-tuned adjustments. A complimentary tool makes installations and removals super easy.

The watch strap is available in 20-, 22-, 24-, and 36-millimeter widths. What’s more, it can be adjusted from 75 to 25 millimeters in length. The strap is rather thick, providing plenty of cushion for lengthy wears.

Not only does MAIKES products well-made and inexpensive, but they also get a good rep for customer service. While quality issues are rare, MAIKES handles them rapidly. We recommend this impressive strap to watch collectors looking for a way to improve their collection. While a high-class timepiece can stand on its own, nothing says class like a vintage leather band.

Pros Cons
Traditional oil and wax finish Stains and marks easily
Lug width matches strap width
Retro-looking greased finish
Easily altered for a vintage finish
Comes in a variety of colors

Berfine Watch Band – Best Leather Watch Band for Men

Vintage StrapBerfine is also a fine maker of quality leather watch straps. Their ultra-thick Panerai-style watch band features premium calf’s leather and a brushed stainless steel buckle. The two-piece strap has a molten patina that makes for a rugged, handsome look.

The watch strap comes in three colors, including light brown, dark brown, and black. It boasts bold contrasting stitching, which adds a modern twist to this otherwise classic wrist band. Customers say the product resembles far pricier leather alternatives. Despite its rugged exterior, it breaks in easily and offers maximum flexibility.

We recommend this leather band for men with medium to large wrists. The watch strap adjusts from 6.75 to 8 inches. The dual spring bars make for an easy installation. Most consumers find it easy to pry open the bars. This releases or sets a watch’s lugs.

Pros Cons
High quality leather Limited color options
Premium high-contrast top stitching Easily marked and stained
Breaks in easily
Large stainless steel closure

SONGDU Quick Release Leather Watch Band – Best Leather Watch Band for Women

SONGDU Quick ReleaseThe SONGDU leather wrist band is a premium watch replacement with a feminine twist. This thick yet dainty band is made from full-grain leather and premium stainless steel. It boasts a soft padded inside with a puffy exterior and distinctly beveled edges. The band comes in seven unique colors, including red, blue, pink, and white.

One thing that we love about the SONGDU is how easy it is to pop it on and off. Just slide the strap to the side, and it disconnects from its base. While the strap comes with a spring bar, it can be easily installed with bare hands. Keep in mind that SONGDU bands are suitable for most men and women. However, the watch’s variety of feminine colors makes it a premium choice for ladies.

The SONGDU boasts seven small perforations for a precise fit. The clasp, which is stainless steel, slips through the holes with ease. While the watch is rather stiff upon arrival, it breaks in well with time. It is available in 16-, 18-, 22-, and 24-millimeter lug widths.

Pros Cons
Fends off sweat and water Stiff
Comes in a variety of colors
Available for different lug sizes
Premium full-grain leather
Seven eyelets
7.87 to 8.43 inches in length

Leunglik Leather Watch Band – Most Versatile Wrist Band

LEUNGLIKWe’re not sure where we’d be without this gorgeous all-purpose leather band. The two-piece design is narrow and flat, making it perfect for men and women. It boasts a whopping nine eyelets to help you hone in on the perfect fit. What’s more, it features a quick-release function.

To install the band, all you need to do is slide the spring bar into place.

The Leunglik comes in many colors, but our personal favorite is black. The classic aesthetics of the black band has a James Bond-like quality to it. While simple and sophisticated, the watch has plenty of noticeable details. The gray stainless steel pin and clasp pair well with both modern and antique watches. Meanwhile, the tapered strap end and dual loop offer premium stability.

The Leunglik is available in 20- and 22-millimeter widths. We assure you that this watch strap will be stiff upon arrival. However, it only takes a few wears for the product to contour to your wrist. For customers who are hesitant about trying the Leunglik, a 1-year extended manufacturer’s guarantee should provide enough convincing.

Pros Cons
Pairs well with gunmetal watches None
Available in two widths
Double loop for extra security
Stainless steel clasp
Reliable stitching
Comes in a variety of colors

iStrap Genuine Calf Leather Watch Band – Best Business Casual Leather Wrist Band

iStrapIf you’re going to spend the entire day in a timepiece, it may as well be a comfortable one. Skip the conventional leather straps and opt for a super-soft calf’s skin leather piece. Not only is this watch made from a premium leather product, but it also boasts a sophisticated alligator grain inlay.

The watch also features a polished metal clasp and pin. What’s more, the leather has been fixed in place with premium stitching. The company offers a wide range of color options, including black with tan stitching and a golden buckle. Use this strap to breathe life into a conventional watch or pair it with an equally sophisticated ensemble.

Pros Cons
A wide range of color combinations available Descriptions vary from actual product
Made from premium calf’s leather
Optional alligator print
Comes with installation tool
Thick and soft

Buyer’s Guide

When we first set out to find the perfect leather watch straps, we struggled to identify their key variations. It seemed as though all leather watch straps were identical. However, we soon discovered that many things set the premium bands apart from the low-end alternatives. What’s more, we found that a poorly chosen strap could wreak havoc on an ensemble.

Base Your Decision Around Your Watch

Are you looking to pair your vintage Speedmaster or a newly issued smartwatch with the perfect strap? There’s no easy way to work around the identity of your wristwatch, so we suggest that you embrace all of its subtleties. Classy, vintage-inspired bands pair best with highly refined tickers. Meanwhile, thick, indestructible leather straps pair well with military and outdoor watches. Of course, simple and modern timepieces are well-complimented by dressier alternatives. For example, bold colors and high-contrast stitching are well-suited statements for the office or social events. No matter which ensemble you choose, do your best to create a sense of harmony.

Choose the Perfect Leather

There’s a reason so many people choose a leather for their watch straps, belts, and bags. It’s an elegant yet durable material that’s designed to last a lifetime. Opt for a high-quality product, such as high-grain or calf’s leather. Avoid synthetic alternatives, including PU, rubber, and other synthetic leathers.

Pair with Premium Hardware

Most leather bands are paired with premium stainless steel clasps. Clasps vary in shape and style. They may be painted or varnished for a more customized look. With that said, the important thing is that they are made from premium, wear-resistant materials.


Depending on the type and layering of the leather, stitching may be necessary. Always opt for a watch broad stitching, as it is more likely to stand the test of time. Many band manufacturers utilize a variety of high-contrast and coordinate stitching. As such, this natural reinforcement is also seen as an aesthetic element.


If you have a good idea of which make and model of watch you are working with, it should be easy to find a strap in the appropriate size. You’ll need to know the precise distance between the lugs. Many watch straps are available in a variety of lug widths. However, it’s best to check your watch before making a purchase.


Most modern watch straps boast quick-release technologies. As such, you only need a spring release to install them. Many manufacturers include a complimentary installation tool with their watch straps. However, many consumers also find it easy to do with bare hands.

How to Change a Watch Strap

The first thing you need to do is remove the existing watchband. During this process, you will want to make sure that you do not damage the watch crystal or the face of the watch. We recommend that you use a soft cloth. We are using a Selvyt cloth, which also works very well for wiping off fingerprints and smudges when you’re done. If you don’t have a Selvyt, use a towel, t-shirt, or other nonabrasive material.

Leather Watch Strap

Lay the watch face-down on the cloth, as you want to work from the backside of the watch case. Should you happen to scratch the lugs of your watch while changing the watch strap, you’ll want the scratches on the backside, where they will not be seen. Once you have the watch laying face-down on the soft cloth, get your spring bar tool. You may have both a standard spring bar tool and a mini spring bar tool. Some like the standard model because it can be held more like a pen or pencil. A large number of people purchase the mini spring bar tool primarily because it costs less. What’s important is that both have the forked end that makes it relatively easy to grab hold of the spring bar shoulder.

Your objective is to compress and similarly release the spring bar. What you want to do is insert the forked tip between the case lug and leather strap. The objective is to place the forked end between the shoulder of the spring bar and the case lug. Once you do that, you want to compress the spring bar by applying pressure toward the strap and away from the case lug. It also helps to push down so that the instant that the spring bar retracts from the lug, the strap will instantly detach. Once the strap is detached, turn your watch around and perform the same exercise on the other strap section. Insert the spring bar tool between the strap and the case lug. Then, push toward the strap while exerting a little downward pressure for a cleaner release. Now, the old watch band is off, and it’s time to attach the new strap.

To attach it, you will need to insert spring bars. Take one spring bar, insert it into the strap, and push it through. Sometimes, it goes right in. Other times, it takes a little extra pushing. You can use the side of your spring bar tool, a coin, or other devices to help prevent poking your finger. You want to see the spring bar protruding from both sides of the strap. Once the spring bar is properly inserted, you will repeat the process. Get the second spring bar and insert it into the other strap section. Again, position it so that the ends are visible on either side of the strap.

Once both spring bars are in place, it’s time to attach the watch band to the watch. Remember that since the watch is lying face-down, you need to position the strap likewise to avoid putting it on backward. Just as you are looking at the back of your watch, you will also want to be looking at the backside, or interior, of the strap.

Before attaching the strap, you will want to make sure that you are attaching the strap to the proper side of the watch. This section should be attached to the 12:00 side of the case, so turn the watch over to make sure that you are connecting the correct side. Insert one end of the spring bar into the lug pinhole. Now use the forked end of your spring bar tool to compress the spring bar. You want to get the end of the spring bar inside the lug and then wiggle it around until it clicks into the lug pinhole. By the way, it is during this step when one is most likely to scratch the lugs. If you are particular about scratches, proceed with caution.

Once you hear the spring bar click in, securely lift your watch and give the strap a couple of tugs to ensure that the strap is fully attached. Proceed to the second. Again, place one end of the spring bar into the lug pinhole. Compress the opposite end with the spring bar and insert it inside the lug. Once inside the lug, gently wiggle the strap around until the spring bar clicks into the pinhole. Again, after hearing the click, make sure that the watch band is securely attached by tugging on both sides. It would be much better for the watch to fall off onto your cloth than to have it fall off your wrist and onto the ground. You have now attached the new watch band onto your watch, and it’s ready to wear.

Guide: Making a Handmade Leather Watch Strap

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our rundown of the top ten leather watch straps. These refined and, dare we say, sexy ensembles make timekeeping a whole new adventure. Of course, you can also use our tips and tricks to find the perfect band.

Leather replacement straps are a great way to extend the life of old, worn wristwatch. They’re also an inexpensive way to reinvent a look. Most watch straps can be switched out in just a matter of minutes. As such, you can utilize the same timepiece for evening attire and office wear.

Steve Coltharp
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  1. I really like all of these watch straps. There are a ton of incredible straps here and I plan on getting one of these in the future. Although, one question I have is are these compatible with an Apple Watch? If so, I would definitely be interested in getting one of these.

    1. Hello, George! WOCCI Leather Watch Band or Barton Canvas Strap is compatible with an Apple Watch ideally.

  2. Thanks for putting all of these straps in such great order. It’s extremely helpful to be able to see all of the differences between them and the designs as well. The perfect solution to finding the best strap.

  3. My leather watch strap is very worn out and dry… Probably my own fault for not taking better care of it. When I go to replace it, do you think it’s a good idea to take it to a repair shop? I’m not confident I can do it without damaging the watch.

  4. Went with a Barton quick-release watch band and I’m happy with it. I know for a fact that their customer service is great and if anything happens, they will help you or even replace the band. I had a friend that had his Barton break after just 2 months and he got a replacement! This level of client service made me want to try this brand. It’s been 3 months since I got my watch strap and it works well and looks great. I plan on getting a few more for my other watches.

  5. Needed a leather strap for Apple watch and decided to go with a Barton quick release. As the name says, it’s very easy to put on and take out and it’s unexpectedly comfortable. You can see and feel that this is made with premium materials.

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